An unconventional Thanksgiving holiday for me. My husband and I are here in Arizona, spending it with my father in his new home. The one he barely had time to share with his bride Eileen, who succumbed to cancer a few months after they were married. I planned to cook my father an old-fashioned turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. To gather at his table of round with my husband and brother, where together, we would share a prayer of Thanksgiving.

When my husband and I arrived late last night, my father hugged me tight. His home was neat and tidy. A silver tray of grapes and crackers of wheat plus  yellow cheeses sat on top of a swirling black and gray granite counter.

“No cooking for you,” my father stated,” surprising me with a slight smile. “We’ve been invited to Troy and Ellen’s for Thanksgiving dinner.” I was taken aback at this news. Troy and Ellen was part of Eileen’s immediate family. I had been looking forward to spending a quiet holiday with my father, having flown all the way from St. Louis to Arizona. Still, Dad was part of Eileen’s family too, and I was selfish not to share him.

“That will be nice, Dad, I mumbled,” munching on a cracker while pulling a stool up to the kitchen counter.

After tumbling into bed last night, I pondered over the coming Thanksgiving Day.

I realized how lucky my father was to have Eileen’s family embrace him as part of their own. Her grandchildren often stopped to visit after school, where they shared stories of love that brought smiles to his face. Eileen’s daughter occasionally dropped off a casserole covered in silver foil before going to work, or one of her sons-in-law repaired something for him in his home. Sometimes, Eileen’s family members took my dad out for an evening of karaoke, where he sang his troubles away until another day.

In a few hours my Thanksgiving dinner will be shared with Eileen’s family. It is an unexpected blessing that my father has remained part of her extended family. For that I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours,


*in memory of Eileen 1939-2016

Both families





I Am Rich! – by Mary D

Without trying to, Mary has found the reason for the season.

Kindness Blog

I am elderly and my health is not the best.

I am always amazed when I go out with my oxygen tank how many people smile at me warmly, open doors for me, or ask if I need help.

Truly, I believe most people have kind, loving hearts and are willing to share of themselves.

I have an abundant life –

I have a husband who has loved me and been a strong support in my life for 60 years. I have children and grandchildren who have grown into beautiful adults, I have a roof over my head and am warm in the winter weather, I have an excellent medical team who work to make me feel better and I live in an agricultural area and a lot of the food I eat is farm to table.   

Truly I have an abundant life for which I give thanks from…

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Thanking God

To touch a newborn’s innocence is to thank God for living upon this Earth.”

Kim Gosselin

*photo courtesy of Google                                                                                                                                         


A long, over-due gesture of sincere appreciation and gratitude to Brian, for nominating me for the The Versatile Blogger Award together with the Sunshine Award. Brian has a wonderful blog at  We have one thing in common that I know of, Scotland.  My great-great-grandfather was born in that country of castles and green.  All alone at the age of 13, he boarded a ship to cross the Atlantic, hoping for a better life in America.  Brian lived in Scotland before embarking on a colorful life full of ideas to write about.  Please visit his most prestigious blog where you will discover a treasure chest filled with words to devour.

Thank you for your patience, Brian.  I did not forget your kindness nor your support.



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Ten Delightful Questions for Me to Answer…..                           

1)  What is my favorite food?  Today?  Is chocolate a “food?”

2)  Who is my favorite actor? Oh, there are so many.  It’s a tie between Gene Hackman and Liam Neeson.  A little rough around the edges with kind souls.

3)  What is my favorite television show?  I like both, “Mad Men” and “Ray Donovan.”  Although at opposite ends of the spectrum, both have excellent writing with terrific actors.

4)  What is my favorite “Tear Jerker?”  The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks.

5)  Tea or Coffee?  It’s summer.  Iced green tea for me.

6)  What is my favorite sport?  I live in St. Louis, home to the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team.   No doubt about my answer!

7)  What is my lucky number? 18, depending on the day.

8)  What is my favorite holiday?  Christmas, no question.

9)  Twitter or Facebook? Hmmm…”I plead the fifth.”

10)  What is my favorite Christmas movie?  “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Can’t go against tradition….

I did my best to see if the following blogs were “Award Free,” but it was hard to tell in some cases.  Please do not feel obligated to accept.  A show of appreciation and continued support is thanks in itself.

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Today I feel a bit nostalgic sitting  in my office chair.  Near the window, I am.  Gazing out at soon-to-be summer.  Where memories of  ‘yesterday’ appear…. Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails….that’s what my little boys were made of.

At the time of this picture, my oldest was a toddler of two, my youngest barely months of the same.  Propping them up on fluffy pillows for a “Kodak” moment.

It is often said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Many stories could be told from this little 3×4.  Truth is, I remember it.….  Monday morning long ago.  “Daddy” hugging us oh-so-tight.  One last moment before saying, “Good-by.”  Throwing his brief case across the front of the seat, sliding in behind the wheel, one foot in first before shutting the door of the car.  Slamming tight, it echoed the hollow of our garage.  Backing out slowly, Daddy smiled big and bravely before disappearing for another week of our lives.

Moments before, the last bowl of Cheerio’s was poured from a cardboard box of Finch yellow, scooped from our beige kitchen pantry.  My oldest, the one who wore long sleeves of blue flannels covered in brown bear with hopping white rabbit, spooned round oats into his mouth.  Milk of water-white dribbled a bit on his chin down, down, down to his oversized bib.  Wash and wear.  He sat at a small red, plastic table with a dwarfed matching chair.  Placed smack dab in front of the television set.  Parenting was very different then.  Good, but different.  Still, he learned much from his favorite Sesame Street, VHS video.  The whole of the alphabet, rhyming songs, it’s okay to say “NO,” primary colors, and how to share toys, among other things.

After nursing my infant son and changing his sagging Pamper diaper, my big-little guy was happy and content.  No rush to get my babes dressed on that particular winter’s day.  Flannels with animals and Bugs Bunny remained part of them.  It was quite chilly outside.  Arizona cold.  30’s in the morning with highs reaching only into the 50’s.  Frost on our cactus.

The three of us stayed inside ‘reading’ books, playing pat-a-cake and taking naps, given the chance.  This picture delights me so for many reasons.  I see the exact image of my grand-daughter, Gracie in my oldest son’s face when I look into his little smile of seed pearls.   Who will his son, Hudson look like?  It is too early to tell.  Still, he is already growing into a bigger baby boy with rounded cheeks resembling his uncle, my younger one.

How cute that my first-born smiled tightly, gritting his teeth to close his eyes while saying, “Cheese.”  And, my infant child?  Well, at eight weeks, everyone knows that expressions of amusement are caught by accident.  I was lucky in that moment.

By now, everyone knows that my family has grown.  If I am blessed it will continue.  Like my oldest, my youngest will marry one day, raising a brood of his own.  I will love them more than my heart can bare.  Thank you, God.  I thought moments of yesterday were indeed, my happiest.  As wonderful as they were, perhaps the future holds golden keys of happier ones to be?  Can it be possible????


Jay & Justin-Baby Pic

Most Influential Blogger Award


A very gracious, “Thank You” to the kind and warm-hearted Sally Georgina Cronin, who blogs at, Smorgasbord-Variety is the spice of life,  She has generously nominated my blog for the, Most Influential Blogger Award.  The name of the award itself says so very much, indeed.  If I think about it for more than a minute or too deeply, I begin to question it. “Is my writing worthy?  Have I paid my dues?”  The award was originated by the fabulous, Don Charisma, so there must be thanks sent off to him as well.  Thank you, Don Charisma

Regardless, I am truly humbled by Sally’s nomination and deeply flattered to know that she believes in me enough to nominate my blog for the above award.   This is a gift of which I accept with tremendous thankfulness.   Thank you, again, Sally.

The Rules are as follows:

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I find it always difficult to choose who to nominate.  There are so many wonderful writers in this blogging world of ours.  I could probably go on and on and on.  Like Sally, I couldn’t stop at ten….

Some on this nomination list may be familiar to readers here.  Others are new with rich, wonderful voices waiting to be heard.  Others still have been in the writing world for a very long time, but are new to the “Blogging” world.  Please visit them to enjoy their various perspectives: poetry, wonderful photographs or rich words filled with deep meaning.  Congratulations to all of them.


The music I chose helps to relax me after a hectic day.  It is a lyrical mixture of tinkling bells, harmonizing flutes and the soothing strings of an oboe.  Great for mediating or listening to in the background during a candlelight massage.


Family Love

Family full of love,

Sons with wives or wives-to-be.

Toddlers and babies not yet three.

Sweet kisses wrapped with big bear hugs

Black and white dogs on denim blue rugs.

Fresh fragrant flowers to smell

Whispering wishes to tell.

Soon it’s time to say, “Good-Bye.”

Little voices resisting

Wondering, “w…h…y?”

Tiny baby sleeping

Toddler in her seat,

Dog ears waving in the wind,

Curls and fingers next to him.

Little moppet arches oh, so far..

Catching longings out the car.

“Goodbye,” my family not for long

My heart playing a thankful song.

Full of love for my two sons, their sweet girls and precious ones.