Life Anew

Vintage Easter Couple

Happy Easter Little Chickadee!

Wishing each and everyone the very best day

Filled with shining sun, grass of green and flowers of rainbow colors

Eggs dyed to match plus bunnies spun in chocolate silk

Children giggling, singing songs of sweet

Dinner delight and stories so right

When evening comes tuck angels in

Chubby fists clutching soft plush ears

Fuzzy tails and lucky feet

Books are read in whispered breaths 

Baskets hiding under feather beds 

Til tomorrow comes when

Life begins anew…

LollyPop Chalk

Like colors of chalk upon peppered cement, words wait for fingers to draw a story of a different kind.

In yellow and pink with blue and turquoise too, colors fill lines with shades of waiting….  

LollyPop colors to catch everyone’s eye.  Squished in the middle between hues of blues is a purple head poking up and out towards the right.  Slowly it sneaks apart waiting for a chance, like horses in a race or dogs soon to take chase.  If an innocent’s hand should move for a minute, sweat with one bead, scratch on the side or open wide a LollyPop head shall loft up, up and away.  Into the sky. Gone for good.  No coming back.  Not a chance.

“NO WAIT….It can’t!  There is a wish inside!  Come back!!”

Through green of trees the LollyPop head of chalk soared above blue bird’s nests of brown made of twigs, feathers, paper and mud.  Onward and upward it flew above chimneys and rooftops. Whee, so free it floated over hillsides of roaming cows and meadows of flowers. B.a.c.k and f.o.r.t.h like children on swings!  Push higher still to soar above woods and valleys with rivers so deep.  Shadows passed by the daily sun and soon the silver moon just so.  Yes, a purple puff of round carrying a single string below….Climbing above until it touched Heaven where golden keys unlocked a gate hidden behind clouds of frothy white.

“I’m sad to see you go, to say good-by, to let you go,”  said the little girl who clenched her fist so tight.  She wiped a tear, sorry that her purple balloon of chalk was gone.

Just then an angel appeared, dangling a broken string beneath her feathered wing.  A printed wish was tied to one end.  The angel told the child that all LollyPop’s chalk passing through the gates of Heaven magically turned into poofs of fairy dust.

Eyes of wide gazed at the angel in awe.  “Does this mean that my wish might still come true,” she asked, with hopefulness?

“It already has,” replied the angel,” looking back knowingly, as she flew toward Heaven.


Tiger Tales


I see words printed on pages dear

A-B-C, sounding them out reading silently

Pretty pictures touching them now

Raised with glitter, tips of fingers

Tickling, smiling with glee.

Snowflakes falling from the sky

Very, very s. l. o. w.

Turn the Page….

Look!  One is all alone by itself to land

Melting on the very end of a big black nose.

He, largest of all the jungle cats

Wearing a coat of warmth with stripes on back

Yes, a gigantic tiger larger than my house.

Turn the Page

Roaring loud with teeth so white and long and sharp

Until a baby bunny so small and soft and brown

Begins hopping near a moving stream of darkest blue

Afraid at first, the fuzzy brown stops in tiny tracks

Turn the Page

It’s colder now, the sun is setting with dark beginning

Nestled near a woodland tree with leaves upon the ground

Look to find the tiger with coat of stripes and warmth for night

Padded paws with claws to match for every catch

Gently cuddles baby bunny near and dear

Downy soft laying close to beating heart through orange and black and white

Sleepy now both rest weary eyes of big and small.

Turn the Page

The biggest tiger, larger than a house

Yes it’s true!

A baby bunny, smaller than a mouse

Yes it true!

Friends forever, from now until…

Turn the Page

“The End”