Lost and Found


The road is long don’t be afraid,

Take my hand, hold it tight, laugh out loud, skip with me.

See the light way up high shining bright within the sky?

Smile so big, dance a step, happy to be you and me,

Kick some dust, cover your mouth, bless you now we’ll find our way,

Don’t give up trust in me and you will see.


Shuffle more steps, we’re almost there,

Claps your hands to say a prayer.

Tired now rest your head within my lap, 

We’ve come so far, let’s move along, kneel right down to get back up.

Brushing off clouds of dirt with poofs of dust

Soon the ball of sun may fall,

Stars will twinkle one and all.


When dogs sing songs don’t be afraid, 

A moon of white shall light our path.

Boots of leather kick the road, pebbles scatter, friends forever….

In the distance candles flicker, melting tears in windows of crying homes.

Curtains part hearing hearts begin to thump, skipping faster.

Pickets of weathered fences weave to wave within prairie winds.

Don’t give up trust in me and you will see.