Tugging at Heartstrings

In deciding what books to keep or donate before my move, I came across a small volume of poetry I hadn’t seen or touched in quite some time. A small hardcover, it cheerfully greeted me with a child’s colored hearts in red, pink and yellow on a cover of white. The title is, Journey Through Heartsongs, by Mattie J.T. Stepanek, published in 2001.

For those of you who don’t know, Mattie Stepanek, (July 17, 1990-June 22, 2004) wanted to be remembered as “a poet, a peacemaker, and a philosopher who played.” He was an amazing child who published seven best-selling books of poetry during his short thirteen years of life. Mattie had an innate sense of being, an intuition far beyond imagination which he brought not only to his poetry but to everyone he met. I urge all of you to read about his life at the following link. Quite simply, he was a remarkable being. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mattie_Stepanek

Mattie lived with the Chronic Condition of Muscular Dystrophy and left us all with gifts unimaginable. My own heartstrings sing a melody of lyrics thanks to his writing. It’s no accident that I rediscovered the jacket of this dusty book.  I stopped to read it from cover to cover this morning, carefully placing it in a box next to some of my very favorites, marked, “Library.”

Crystal Celebration


Sunrise is like a heavenly crystal ball.


In the little bit of time between night and day,

The angels look at the earth

To see how things are going and

To see how things will be.

The sky changes from dark

Into Angel-whites and Angel-golds.

The blackness of trees starts to glow with

Pinks and purples and oranges from their hearts.

And during each dawn,

All the Angels gather up and have

A celebration in God’s honor!

And sometimes,

You can even watch

And join them in the celebrating.

Just look out into the sunrise,

Then jump into your own heart,

Float into the air like in a dream,

And pray with love and thank-yous

For your life, for your spirit, for your sunrise…

And for being a part of this heavenly crystal ball!

                           Mattie-Age 6

Angels Sunset

*painting courtesy of Google Chrome

My Feather in the Sky

photo 1 (34)

My Feather in the Sky

Up, up, up it is

Like a kite without a string

In ocean waves of blue

Eyelashes blink missing it

Others busy not to see

My Feather in the Sky

Quiet tickles warming whispered breaths

Emotions to those with open hearts

From God, a treasured gift

My Feather in the Sky

Up, up, up it is

Like a kite without a string

Slighting waving to and fro

Back and forth barely so

Silent messages near angle’s wings

Variations with other things

To you so simple to me profound

My Feather in the Sky

Imaginations may be needed

No coincidence to me

I see dancing fringe

A quill waiting to write two wet words

“Thank You”

Days of healthy lives 

Children playing free no worry 

My Feather in the Sky

Up, up, up it is

Like a kite without a string

Sadly others may forever miss this

Quick, make a wish before stop of red makes green to go

Waving window fingers, “Good-by”  

Blessings from Above

Drifting plume floating farther away…smaller…. smaller still

Up, up, up it is

Like a kite without a string

My Feather in the Sky


Spring Anticipation

My dog woke me early this morning with a wet nose to my own.  Struggling to raise my sleepy head, I lifted a lid.  Two round eyes, the color of coal smiled while shaking a wagging tail that matched his coat.  Fluffy and white, like cotton, he reminded me of a miniature snowman, the size a toddler would roll around.

When it’s freezing outside, my dog barely drags himself off the bed.  Like humans in early morn, he’s not in a hurry to disturb his restful slumber of warmth and wonder.  Yet, something was different today.   I could tell by the way he acted.  My “Doodle” dog ran all around, jumping up and down.  He was excited to go for a walk.  “Get dressed,” he barked.

Within minutes we were both outside strolling down an icy street under a sky of blazing sun.  It felt almost balmy.  In the high 20’s, I think.  Ice cycles hung in swirling shapes like I remember licking as a child.  They dripped slowly from eves of houses onto driveways making puddles….plop…..plop….plop.


Joyous “Bundle of Awards”

I must thank someone who has nominated my blog for the most joyous, “Bundle of Awards.”  I do not know how to thank him.  Yes, me, the person who usually has many words to “say.”  I am humbled, thankful, and “speechless” trying to tap something out on my keyboard today.

Mahesh Nair, is the person who has nominated my blog.  He too, is nominated for these awards,  If he should win, I will be extremely happy and excited for him!  He has the most wonderful, award-winning blog himself.   Please stop by to visit, http://thewritemight.me/.  You will find him to be an honest, sincere, kind man who writes wonderful words.  When he believes in something, whether it is a cause or a mission he sticks with it.  Mahesh has values in life, ideals of importance and meaning.  You will note many varieties in his writing which broaden his “voice.”  Trained as an actor as well as a writer, he brings many perspectives to the words he taps out.

It is ironic in this virtual writing world since I do not “know” Mahesh, personally, yet through his writings I feel like I do.  I have great respect for him as a person.  Given the chance, he is someone I would enjoy drinking a cup of coffee while discussing life with.

Thank you, kindly, Mahesh, for your nomination.  I wish you the best of luck, and to the other nominees as well.

Shauny Award-For Blogging Excellence

Shauny Award

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Very Inspiring Blogging Award


Liebster Award

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Sunshine Award


Award for Love and Kindness



I was working at my desk later than usual the other night.  Books, yellow papers and blue pens were strewn everywhere.  The temperature had dropped to nearly 4 degrees.  Skies from windows near me were vast and dark, black as charcoal.   No glowing moon or twinkling stars could be seen.  God kept them hidden behind warm blankets of the sleeping sun.


Cabin Fever

Don’t let “Cabin Fever” get you down,

Instead, be inspired today!

Write a word or maybe two just to “hear” what you have to say.

Take a walk around the block,

There is no clock on you today.

Build a giant snow-man with dark eyes see if any cars go by,

Or gaze up at the endless, cloudless sky.

Make fluffy “Snow-Angels” with toothless children near-by,

Fall slowly down to let out a great big…..sigh…….

Have lots of fun.  You deserve this time of respite play!

Don’t let “Cabin Fever” get you down.

Instead, thank God for this time of winter’s day!


It’s nearing the end of January.  When I opened the patio door early this morning the shivering air rushed in…WHOOSH!   My ‘Doodle’ dog scampered out.  He sniffed at frozen shrubbery before passing them by.  I watched him from my bay window and wondered why?  He lumbered beneath the hillside where my ‘deer-friends’ stopped to meet.   They were there last night, leaving prints leftover in the still white snow.

The hillside behind my house has an unusual pattern left in the snow.  I’ve never noticed one like it before.   It’s  hard for me to describe.  Here in my office, I can see it through the French doors, all the way to the kitchen’s patio window far on the other side.  I see it staring back at me.  As if to ask, “What are you looking at?  What is so different about me?”

Differences.  They are all around us, not meant by God to be the same.  All we have to do is stop to think or take a look.  I scrutinize impressions of crusty milk piles left outside, blades of brown grass underneath, tall branches of bare trees reaching high in the sky and frozen flowers buried deep below.

God’s creations for a purpose.  Differences for us to get to know.

photo 2