Thank You

The house is eerily quiet.   Barely a sound is heard except the furnace swooshing warm air through vents lying flat on carpeted floors.  It is cold and dark outside.  I’ve parted the wooden window blinds to take a peek.  Signs of the early hour and the brisk temperature are out there waiting.  Streets are empty.  No animals run about.  Streetlights reflect clumps of crunchy piles of snow that fell days ago.

It is an early hour in St. Louis this morning.  I am readying myself to catch a plane.  Later today, I’ll see my father in Phoenix.  We will celebrate the holidays together and his birthday on Christmas Day.  He’ll be 81 years old.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.

My fingers are hesitant when they hit the tips of white letters on my black keyboard.  They push down and lift up.  Once, twice,  again and again.  The cycle is repeated.  Fingerprints are moving more often than they should.  The space bar exceeds its frequency.  Letters tap…tap….tap…only to keep misspelling words. “T” turns out to be an “R.”  “P” suddenly becomes an O.”

What I simply want to say is “Thank You.”  Thank you for giving “ME,” someone you don’t even know, the warmth of support.  I can’t even begin to tell you how you’ve made me feel deep inside my heart.  This feeling, I can’t express.  Some of my words are impossible to type.  Thank you to every one who understands.  Thank you to those who are willing to give others a chance.  Thank you to each person who carries the belief that God chooses others to be different for a reason rather than a mistake.

Genes can’t be changed, but education can improve.   Who knows?  People will learn, others may see, or neighbors will choose to hear.  They may begin to listen? Those in need might get help, the killing could be stopped, lives will be saved, and the world may become a better place.  It’s a dream of mine, I know.

Even if only for today…..

Who knows?

Taught with Divine Understanding

Divine Understanding