A Very Special Day

A Very Special Day.  Not for the widow lady who lives lonely down the lane.  Not for the single guy mowing grass for neighbors up the street, nor the divorced mother wrangling children for after school treats.  I am thankful for today and understand how lucky I am.  Fifty percent or more of married couples never have this very special day.

Thirty one years ago on May 19, in a mid-sized town of Michigan near a wavy bay this date was picture perfect.  Skies above were blue, the color of a baby’s blanket in flannel with temperatures wrapped just as warm.  Flowering trees were in bloom, dropping petals atop freshly cut grass in slow motion.  Bradford pear, apple and cherry blossoms in pink, falling…falling…falling.

My little sister helped me choose a gown.  Off the rack it was, white with dots of swiss and tiny bows holding a rose.  It fit like a glove and was the first and only dress I tried on.  Meant to be, like the man I married.

On that very special¬†day I walked down the aisle of my childhood church to say, ‚ÄúI Do.‚ÄĚ ¬†Love filled my heart with the knowledge that my soon to be husband was everything he should be.¬† Loving, Respectful, Kind and Loyal.¬† He carried strong values and very much wanted a family, like me.

Our road together wasn’t always easy.  Chronic Conditions dealt us a blow while dealing us a hand we didn’t understand.  Working together, we never gave up.  Sometimes we sought help from others.  No shame in that.  Without it, our marriage might have ended on the other side of the fifty percent.  What a waste that would have been.  So many blessings in the end.  A lesson for others perhaps.

Today, I have lived more of my life with the man I married than without.  Yes, he’s what I expected walking arm in arm on a runner of white.  Yet, he’s so much more than that.  My husband has been the very best father to our sons, setting positive examples for them to follow in his own quiet, humble way.

Since becoming a grandfather, I marvel at the kick in his step and the magic in his moods.  A storybook character, he is!  One who plays dress-up in turquoise tulle, dances in flirty butterfly heels and disguises his voice while reading paper pages popping from a spine.  Tea parties are shared around a table of square and nature lessons are given in the back of our yard.

Recently our only grandson turned one. ¬†He¬†too now reaches for Grandpa,¬†while lifting¬†arms to beg with saucer blue¬†eyes. ¬†‚ÄúPick me up,‚ÄĚ they say. ¬†Soon afterward, my husband‚Äôs nose is¬†squished flat, turning red from the bottom of a pudgy fist.¬† His hair of black is magically¬†pulled short to long. ¬† Wet lips¬†twist and curl to laugh aloud while¬†fingers of four or five are stuffed between his teeth¬†in a new game of play.

As for me, I feel so lucky to have had this wonderful man by my side for the past thirty-one years.  Never do I take a day for granted and I thank God for all of our blessings.

Given the chance, I would put on that dress all over again.  White with dots of swiss and little bows holding a rose.

A Very Special Day…

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Marriage Blessing

My heart is filled with love for my youngest son on this, his wedding weekend.¬† It spills with joy to know that soon, he will clasp the delicate hands of his beautiful bride to recite hand-written vows in blue on white.¬† Holding her small in the large of his own, loving glances will dart until magic words are said.¬† ‚ÄúI Do.‚ÄĚ

Not long ago, I penned of him, praying God would bring answers to questions of a life drifting here and there.  A mother knows when her son struggles to find that certain something http://wp.me/p41md8-X9.  So ironic it is to read what I wrote of that day.  How could I possibly know that God’s plan was already in place?

A few days after the above, a new career began for this son of mine.  Even he did not expect his whole life to change…. While in training, his special one caught his eye.  She, so beautiful with pools of blue and hair of gold. Kind too, with a heart and spirit to match my son.  She is good for him and he for her.  A friendship began with love in the air.  Her family became his and hers became ours.  Such a blessing it has been for each and every one of us!

Sure to become teary-eyed while listening to my son‚Äôs wedding vows, I could not be more at peace than I am on this day.¬† He has an enormous gift in his bride together with his new family, one that he waited for until God decided, ‚ÄúIt was time.‚ÄĚ

May God bless the marriage of my youngest son together with his new wife.  I pray they live with Health, Love, Trust, Fidelity, Friendship and Support for one another as long as they both shall live.