Babies Almost Due!

Babies of Two, is almost due! Take a peek it’s really true. Pre-order today. Kindle delivery November 1 @ Amazon hospital USA. Maddie and Mollie are slipping and sliding into a brand new world where open arms and beating hearts await them. A story to make you laugh and cry.  Filled with heart and humor.  Hard cover available in December.

One + One = Two

Well, today’s the day.  An official announcement from me.  Oh sure, I’ve left clues.  A few l.e.t.t.e.r.s here or a couple of words there.  But, never an official announcement.  Not from me.  Not here…until today.

After 15 years, yes fifteen I’ve taken the plunge.  I’m proud to let my WordPress family know that I’ve written a new children’s picture book entitled, Babies of Two.

So how did this all come to be?  Many months ago during the whisper of a winter’s chill, words tapped upon my computer keys.  A story to be.  After printing pages out, I read them aloud to my wee granddaughter who giggled with glee.  “Again, Grandma, again,” she shouted.  Grabbing the sleeve of my arm, she added, “Let me see, let me see!”  Alas, no pictures from me…..

Within days, I came across a WordPress blog where an enchanting illustration captured my attention.  Posted by the talented artist Alisa Belzil, was a delightful illustration of a precocious little girl dressed in a yellow raincoat splish-splashing in puddles of mud.  Dancing above her head were droplets of rain cheerfully painted in water-color blue. Sadly, the child had no words to say….

From there fate stepped in to begin my journey with Alisa.  1+1=2.  Could this really be true?  What should I do?  As they say, ‘the rest is history.’  Writing is a great love of mine that plopped into my lap many moons ago.  Still, I haven’t published a book in over twenty years.  At the same time, Alisa had never designed or illustrated a book before Babies of Two.  Is it fair to say, we both had a lot to learn?

Alisa is an amazing artist, designer and illustrator.  Most of which I knew from the start, but there was something else hidden beyond her sketch pad and pots of paint.   A common bond between the two of us.  Month after month we focused our passion on the process with one goal in mind, to make our book the very best it could possibly be.  After that, our golden pot at the end of the rainbow was to win the hearts of children and caregivers through heart and humor with sprinkles of love throughout every page.

In the beginning of this project I hoped for pictures to go with words.  At the end, I have a trusted friend.  Yes, I still have trouble unzipping files.  But, I’ve always been very good at math.  1+1=2!

Babies of Two will soon have a special delivery.  They’re available for pre-adoption at, with a due date of November 1st.


*Please visit Alisa Belzil’s amazing WordPress site at tune into Annette Rochelle Alben’s live radio show (another favorite blogger) this Friday from 1:30-2pm EDT, where I am honored to be her guest.

Copyright 2015 by Kim Gosselin

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The Chicken or the Egg?

Words in my head are written from my heart.  Do you believe me?  What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Letters of A-B-C and beyond are pushed down ever-so-slightly on computer keys.  Simultaneously, magic appears on a flat screen of stark white.  Oblong and lit from within.  It’s bright, trimmed in silver with a tiny camera of perfect round embedded in the top middle.  Often, I cover it with a yellow sticky note.  Just to be safe.

I’m totally convinced that my heart sends words up, up, up toward my brain.  Often my feelings are nearly tangible, as though I can reach inside to touch them far before the brain begins to wonder if or when they’re coming….

Perhaps my mind discovers topics or arranges words into proper sentences before they stare back at me from the bright light of white.  Yes, it checks spelling and grammar and whispers in my ear if something doesn’t sound quite right when read aloud.

Still, it is my heart that engulfs all emotion before the mind drafts a single word upon a paper page.