I am most honored and privileged to accept the Versatile Blogger Award from Susanne Leist.  Please visit Susanne’s terrific blog at,  You will note she has a brand new book out with a 5 start review on!!

Recently, Susanne nominated my blog for this beautiful award.  For once, I am not waiting numerous weeks (dare I say a month or more?) to formally accept it.  Although it may have the same name as another, this award is different.  Beautiful in gold, tall and true, it is a symbol of support and admiration for my work.  Thank you with humbleness and pride, Susanne.


Rules of Acceptance

List 7 Fun Facts about Yourself

1.   Once, I was chosen to be on a bowling team because of my handicap.  My high score for the season was 63.  Sad but true.

2.   I’m very good at training puppies.  Patience and consistency!

3.   In spite of not being the best driver, I’ve only received three tickets in my whole life!

4.   When I was in middle school, I twirled a baton in a marching band during our city’s annual, St. Patrick’s Day parade.

5.   I have a phobia when going to a movie theatre.  Way up high in the farthest back row is where I must sit.  Crazy, I know….

6.  Food doesn’t really interest me.  Cheese and crackers will do!

7.   One of my favorite hobbies is horse-back riding.  A few years ago my horse was stung by a bee, causing it to throw me down hard to the ground, like a bag of bricks.  The fall left me in tremendous pain for several days afterward.   “Monster,” was the horse’s name.

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I apologize if your blog is, “Award Free.”  If you are not able to accept, please support other bloggers by simply showing your appreciation.  🙂