Aging Pea Pods

Only one week more

Seven days until I climb aboard a plane of silver jet

To huddle near a window bubbled seat

Dreaming and drifting along fluffy clouds of white

Floating among skies of Downy blue

Two or three hours of flight for me

Traveling to Arizona desert of cactus and heat

Fetching my oldest living maternal relative

Dear great-aunt who spills my heart with love and joy

Escorting her back for a short vacation

Flying with memories, laughter and a cup of tea

Soon we’ll land to rest on my own Missouri turf

Where green of rolling hills waft with air so fresh and clean

Take my arm, you’re safe with me

Wherever sight has left you blind I’ll guide you free

Touch my tree of willow branches falling to the ground

Soon we’ll picnic on a blanket underneath

Hoping fawns will greet us, maybe turkeys too

Smell the grass hear cricket wings talk to you

Listen to finches and bluebirds sing sweet way up high

Soon I’ll be picking wildflowers inhale their sweet scent so deep

Glaucoma has stolen what you’ve loved your whole life though

A chronic condition robbed you of your sight, its true

Reading books has always been your favorite thing to do

Still life’s not over feel it in the air so much around

Thanks be to God for all of what you can

A lesson here, appreciate simple things

So again I say to you

Grab my arm, feel safe with me

Let’s enjoy our precious time

Bittersweet and far between

Please take your hand to put in mine

Promise me you won’t let go

My words will be your eyes through listening ears

We’ll laugh and visit, learn and play

Drink and eat and feel the sun

Share each other while loving too

Two peas in one great aging pod

Lying around just having fun

Thank you, God, for moments priceless

Gone tomorrow but here for now