Little Gifts…Soooo Big!

Over the weekend a milestone for my eldest son!  A B.I.G. birthday was celebrated last Saturday. Asking him what he’d like to do, his wish was to share some fun with his family. A dinner at his favorite restaurant followed by a game of bowling. “Bowling, with a one and a three-year-old,” I wondered? “We’ll see…”

Our first stop was a festive Mexican restaurant where traditional décor and costumes hung from the walls. Warm tortilla chips together with red salsa were devoured before ceramic plates floated aloft in dazzling colors. Turquoise blue, yellow to match the sun, avocado green, and a bright orange, reminding me of freshly squeezed juice. Each spilled with a variety of tacos and tamales, steak fajitas, or cheese quesadillas for my grand-babies to eat.

Digging in, our taste buds were treated to zesty spices when suddenly the sound of music sang throughout the room! Three or four employees, dressed in full Mexican regalia strolled towards our table, strumming their guitars while singing Happy Birthday in Spanish. Giant velvet sombreros trimmed in glittered silver tipped atop their heads. My grandchildren were startled at such a sight, yet enthralled with delight. Soon Daddy wore a matching sombrero of his own!

Before long, we were at the bowling alley, trying to find shoes small enough to fit the little princess child. My baby grandson was given a pass, allowed to wear the two already on his feet. Finding a bowling ball light enough to share with my grand-daughter was not easy. Yet, in the distance, my eye caught sight of a starry blue ball resting on silver a tube of shelving. Picking it up, I discovered it weighed a mere six pounds. Perfect!

Helping Princess to the starting gate, she sat on the floor eager to push the ball down the lane. Bzzzzz…….A loud buzzer signaled we crossed the foul line. Scooting backward, she shoved the round ball of big with all her might. S.l.o.w.l.y….it lollygagged to the end of the polished lane, knocking one pin to the floor. With arms and legs stretched up into the air, my grand-daughter jumped up and down with glee!

Next, holding elfin hands within his own, my eldest one led his first-born son to the same spot I had just been. Bending down, the two pushed and spun the ball. It rolled and rolled and rolled, bouncing bumpers of brown along the way. Finally, it jarred pins of white until they jiggled and wiggled. Two or three fell down, making a loud sound. PLOP! A pacifier popped out of my grandson’s mouth. All eyes were upon him. There he sat, clapping wee hands awash in baby pride.  “Dey go down, dey go down, Daaa-Dee!”

Little gifts-Soooo big!


Gifts of Silent Darkness

The morning was dark as coal with barely a shadow in the distance.  Light of the moon flickered behind floating grey clouds, reminding me of scattering mice.  Perhaps they were parting in preparation for the morning sun, soon to rise above God’s great horizon?

It was an early hour, slightly before five am.  “Doodle” dog rustled under an heirloom quilt to drag me from the warmth of my bed.  “Noooo,” I remember mumbling silently.  It was too early to get up.  Grabbing his leash together with my shoes and a coat, I trudged to the out of doors where cold frost slapped my toasty face.

S.I.L.E.N.C.E.  Peace and quiet everywhere.  So much so, that I was afraid to breathe out loud for fear of waking something up.  There were no gusts of snow, no  swoosh of wind or snapping of twigs within my little forest land.  Creatures were sleeping, I presumed, resting within hallowed logs or under piles of musty fallen leaves.

Houses along my street remained dark inside except for a nightlight or two.  Friends and neighbors rested on down pillows while young children dreamed of Little Boy Blue or Santa Clause coming soon.  The moon cast shadows of light together with rooftop reflections of Christmas bulbs in different colored hues from glowing rooftops against the back of my yard.  Red, blue, green, gold and white.  They sparkled and shined in tones that snapped brightly against a sky of  blackness.   Then, out of the corner of my eye, a slight movement in the distance near.  Doodle dog did not move or even bark.  Instinctively, I quickly turned my head.

Between the trees of Bradford pear and Redbud, a lone majestic buck with antlers of eight stood tall and straight slightly up the hill.  His rack of antlers was large and wide, making me wonder how he carried the weight atop the crest of him?  He looked at me, as I did him without a single gesture.  Neither of us made a sound, nor did the forest or even the air surrounding us.  God granted me an early morning gift in the darkness before dawning hues.  What a magnificent surprise!

*God shall gift you with treasures if willing to listen to silence while seeing through darkness.

*all photographs courtesy of Google