Miracle Eggs

My family enjoyed a delightful day being together on Easter Sunday.  The sky was full of sunshine and blueness.  Breezy air felt fresh and clean, giving off warm scents of toasty baby blankets fallen from dryers, powdered with newness.  Grass was green and soft to fall upon.  Tall enough for baby bunnies to hole up under pines near plastic eggs hidden for toddlers eyes.  Soon the hunt was on for hidden treasures of rainbow-colored jelly beans, princess stickers, or jewels to wear.

The spirit of re-birth was everywhere my eyes could see.  Pale yellow daffodils looked lovely ‘hiding’ a carefully placed egg or two.  Birds flew near feeders chirping loudly for humans to move away.   Newly built homes hung on branches only the day before, had already been ‘rented’ out for the season.  Feathered heads poked out to see what the fuss was all about.