Silence of The Lambs

This week is National Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health conditions affect over 42 million people, approximately one in five or 20%. To my surprise, the statistics of one in five are the same found in children.  Yes, children…..

I know of a little girl, who currently lay in a children’s hospital bed under mandated psychological observation after trying to commit suicide. She’s been abused emotionally and probably physically under the supervision of her single parent. Ever since birth, she’s been moved from one home to another while being kept isolated, often missing school. She has little to no social life, having been groomed to be her parent’s caregiver while being encouraged and/or allowed to take part in illegal drug abuse. Recently, a social worker stepped in, taking a drug test of the child, and indeed she tested positive. Like most abused children, this innocent one would do anything to protect her mother, anything in the world to sustain her mother’s love. Even to the point of taking her own life in order to silence herself.

I thank God for saving this child, and ask that she be provided the best possible mental health care. She needs true love, patience, and understanding, together with counseling and a stable home in the future. All of which are waiting for her.

We must remember not only the 42 million adults who suffer each and every day with a mental health condition but also the 1 in 5 children who are rarely mentioned. They must not be forgotten. Children most often do not recognize symptoms, nor do they understand that help is available! These innocent lambs are silent.

The above little girl’s case is rare. Most children living with mental health conditions are from warm and loving homes with parents who may not know their child needs help.

Mental health conditions should be treated as Chronic Conditions without any stigma. To all and everyone, please look for warning signs in children. No child should ever have to suffer.

Pick up the phone, you may save a life today!

Warning Signs of Mental Conditions in Children:

  1. Mood Changes
  2. Intense Feelings
  3. Behavior Changes
  4. Difficulty Concentrating
  5. Unexplained Weight Loss
  6. Physical Symptoms: Compared with adults, children may develop headaches & stomachaches rather than depression & anxiety.
  7. Substance Abuse: Children may try to cope with their feelings through alcohol or drugs.
  8. Self-Injury or Self-Harm: The act of deliberately hurting one’s own body, such as cutting or burning. Children with a mental health condition may also develop suicidal thoughts or actually attempt suicide.

How To Help a Suicidal Person Overcome the Urge…

An excellent post to help recognize the warning signs of suicide.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Although my blog is primarily for Authors and Readers to get together, there are causes I feel need (and can) to be addressed by everyone, regardless of who or where they are, but especially by authors and bloggers, who have a greater influence than most.

Depression and suicides appear to be on the increase due to all sorts of reasons, from fear of terrorism to health issues through to job losses, etc.

Young Sam has already appeared on my blogHERE discussing depression (which many of you went to, shared and gave his efforts a big boost).

This is a follow-up post from him that I hope will be shared even more.

It should be noted that although Sam’s blog is especially aimed at Teenagers, he is trying to help everyone.


When a family member tries to commit suicide, the entire family is plunged into confusion and grief. Life is instinctually valued by all of…

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350million diabetics worldwide and millions more at risk -Pre-Diabetes

I guarantee there is someone you know, perhaps even in your own family that is living with Type 11 diabetes without knowing it. If not, they are well on their way to pre-diabetes. Please read and be aware. See an endocrinologist for help if needed. This condition is an epidemic, particularly in the US, but can be prevented, even reversed with proper nutrition, treatment and care. Thank you. Sally, for an excellent post!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

smorgasbord health

A longer post today but I wanted to get the details together in one article and I hope you will find compelling enough to read, if not for yourself but for a family member or friend who might be at risk.  This is not about Type I diabetes or even those who have been diagnosed with Type II.. It is about the millions worldwide who are at high risk of Type II which is predominately lifestyle and diet related.

According to the World Health Authority it is estimated that there are 350 million people worldwide with diabetes. In the US around 30 million and the UK approximately 3.2 million have been diagnosed. Unfortunately it is the many millions who are undiagnosed that are at the greatest risk

You do not need to have full-blown diabetes to be suffering from some of the symptoms associated with the disease. There is a…

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Children’s Need to Fly

“ABC” or 1-2-3. Can’t think of anything more perfect than this. So lovely are the little children.


Here is a fantastic quotation by Helen Hayes,

The American actress who my parents admired

from the movie, “A Farewell to Arms.”

She lived from 1990 until 1993:

“From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put

one foot in front of the other.

But when books are opened, you discover you have wings.”

I shop at our local “Global Village Shop,” found at 27 N. Sandusky St.

in Delaware, Ohio. I know many of the retired individuals, some

from churches, who volunteer to work or ‘man’ the cash register.

I bought some stationery, where the monies from this colorful

note paper will go to somewhere in Africa.  I am proud to

say; We have the only Fair Trade certified

collection in Ohio.

On the back of the paper, it has another great idea about the World

of Children. It includes all the letters of the English alphabet:


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For Parents and Caregivers: Five Common Characteristics of Sex Offenders

Together, let’s speak for little voices who are silenced by brainwashing or fear. Believe in what you see or feel, the goosebumps prickling at the back of your neck together with the inner instincts gnawing in the pit of  your stomach. When something does not appear quite right there is usually a reason. Do not be afraid to make an anonymous telephone call to Child Protective Services or to the Police.

Save a child today.

Caterpillar Lessons and Butterfly Dreams

A bug on the ground, never seen before,

Long and round, so different.

Moving now, it floats on top of  bricks,

No legs in sight, scary I think.

Fuzzy, crawling towards me,

Slowly at first, like babies do.

Kneeling down, not quite trusting,

Sizing it up,  close and cautious.

Brown with yellow,  looking soft to me,

Grandma says, “It’s okay to touch.”

Gentle, with a finger whisper,

Careful not to hurt.

Guess what?  It’s a Caterpillar,

Soon to be a butterfly.

How can this be?

God’s magic, it’s a miracle.

Crawling creature ruffle wings into a breeze.

Lots of questions.

When will this happen?  Is it true?  Will the butterfly be blue?

Will it eat from a flower or drink from the fountain?

Can we see it dance in your garden or flutter near a rock?  Please, Grandma…P.L.E.A.S.E!

Does it fly high in the sky?  Look at me!  Like this, Grandma?  Like….this?

Butterfly, I will see you in my dreams.  Up..up..up.  See, waaay up there…

High in the sky.  Please wave to me with wings of blue on clouds of cream,

I will never forget this lesson of bugs and miracles of God.

Good-bye, Caterpillar.  I love you, Butterfly…..





Thank You

The house is eerily quiet.   Barely a sound is heard except the furnace swooshing warm air through vents lying flat on carpeted floors.  It is cold and dark outside.  I’ve parted the wooden window blinds to take a peek.  Signs of the early hour and the brisk temperature are out there waiting.  Streets are empty.  No animals run about.  Streetlights reflect clumps of crunchy piles of snow that fell days ago.

It is an early hour in St. Louis this morning.  I am readying myself to catch a plane.  Later today, I’ll see my father in Phoenix.  We will celebrate the holidays together and his birthday on Christmas Day.  He’ll be 81 years old.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.

My fingers are hesitant when they hit the tips of white letters on my black keyboard.  They push down and lift up.  Once, twice,  again and again.  The cycle is repeated.  Fingerprints are moving more often than they should.  The space bar exceeds its frequency.  Letters tap…tap….tap…only to keep misspelling words. “T” turns out to be an “R.”  “P” suddenly becomes an O.”

What I simply want to say is “Thank You.”  Thank you for giving “ME,” someone you don’t even know, the warmth of support.  I can’t even begin to tell you how you’ve made me feel deep inside my heart.  This feeling, I can’t express.  Some of my words are impossible to type.  Thank you to every one who understands.  Thank you to those who are willing to give others a chance.  Thank you to each person who carries the belief that God chooses others to be different for a reason rather than a mistake.

Genes can’t be changed, but education can improve.   Who knows?  People will learn, others may see, or neighbors will choose to hear.  They may begin to listen? Those in need might get help, the killing could be stopped, lives will be saved, and the world may become a better place.  It’s a dream of mine, I know.

Even if only for today…..

Who knows?

Taught with Divine Understanding

Divine Understanding

Help Is Needed

English: Christmas star Deutsch: WeihnachtssternI am torn today.  Torn at what to write about.  Mixing in my mind are cookie-dough thoughts to roll in bowls of sugar.  I’ll drop them one-by-one on baking sheets before sliding them into warm ovens where soon the buzzer will ring.  My words are done!   Delectable bites and delicious morsels will ever so gently be lifted to white paper towels for all to cool.  Soon they’ll pop up on the screen.

Occasionally, the recipe is not quite right.  I forgot to pinch the salt or add a dash of nutmeg.  Worse yet, I left out a whipped egg!  Even then, something on the screen will be seen whether it’s good or bad.  Today, I’m hesitant to type it there.  It’s Christmas time.  All things should be merry and gay.  That’s not what is on my mind today.