Attitude and Adjustments

Fondly, this is the time of year when I look back on the days of Easter shopping for goodies to fill baskets that would be hidden by an invisible bunny.  Eggs to dip and dye on a wire in cups of orang, green, blue or yellow.  Grasses that stretched on forever, and colored cellophane to wrap a child’s basket of wonder, soon hidden for them to discover.

When I was growing up, my mother delighted in holidays.  She filled Easter baskets to the brim with homemade chocolates in pastels never seen before.  There were delicious treats children didn’t think to ask the bunny to bring…. How did he know??  Miniature eggs in all colors were sprinkled among faux green grass together with confections never imagined or dreamed about.

Gently nestled in the center of the basket’s ‘grass’ was a special egg made of crystalized, white sugar.  If held to the light, it sparkled in the sun.  Decorating the outside of this memorable sugared egg was dried frosting in bright pink, reminding me of hair ribbons worn for Sunday school.   Delicately, I lifted my new egg up with two gentle hands to peer inside a tiny opening.  There, an eye of blue squinted…  closely, soon to fall down…… the Easter, “Rabbit Hole!”

Beyond the depth was a Lilliputian life taking place inside my egg of sweetness.  A single view filled with fascination.  As a child, I was in awe. How could it be?  Yet, there it was for me to see.  A mama chicken hustled her brood of baby chicks in fluffy yellow away from the dangers of a running blue stream.  With one raised wing she kept them safe.  Nearby, a tree of green leaves stood on sandy banks, tall and erect to offer shade from the light.  And, all around were grasses filled with blooming flowers in rainbow colors.  It was magic, yes that’s how it could be!

When diabetes changed my family, there were no more special eggs of crystal sugar.  Life was all about attitude and adjustments.  Instead, the bunny filled baskets of playful toys, books to read, tickets to baseball games, and colorful plastic that jingled with coins.  Our family went to church, prayed for others, ate a special dinner and had fun, like everyone.

We celebrated Easter together with the sacred reason for the season.  Like families everywhere….



Early last evening, God put a temporary halt to the warmth of spring.  Looking up, a sky in the color of dove grey seemed to sway while an ‘Overture’ played from heaven.  Magnificent clouds in various sizes drifted along.  They looked like artists sketches drawn in charcoal pencil.  Some of them were smudged on their sides…just a little, by the tips of fingers to ‘appear’ imperfect…like God would do.

One by one, I typed words on my keyboard. Then, the sound of the sky opened up.  Sheets of rain pounded on the chipped, cement road behind me. Turning in my swivel chair, I saw a cloudburst of rain fall fast and hard.  Splatters of wet jumped high in the air while drenches of more fell low to the ground.  A narrow stream of mini-rapids, the color of weak coffee with too much cream rushed outside my window ledge.  I could see it flowing there.   A slight current of tiny twigs toward a sewer drain.