Desert Dreams

Ginger steps, tender toes, sink…follow 

Look behind cannot find

Disappearing into sugar bowl of nothingness.

Not too sweet take a bite spit it out

Poison dreams, dying….drying

Sucking marrow of abandoned desert bones. 

Persevere, don’t give up lift those feet

One-by-one eyes at me don’t look back 

Nailing winds of gritty breeze

A mirage perhaps? No, believe in me.

Striving, digging, sinking, deeper

Crystals in the sand cannot stop tomorrowland.

Out of breath no more rest 

Step-by-step do your best

Rewards await in oasis state.

Sighing, sipping, liquid, dripping

Soaking desert dreams….sprouting  life anew

One for me and one for you.