Follow your Heart

Words full of meaning in this butterfly poem from Sue Dreamwalker, together with a beautiful oil painting rich in color and life.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Butterfly in oilsButterfly in oils a small Painting I did over the weekend as I experimented with oils.. ( not my favourite medium ) but I am happy with how it turned out. Even though my camera skills need much to be desired 🙂 

Butterfly, Butterfly, Dancing on the breeze

You flit through the heavens, and among the trees

You fly through the air, like a leaf upon the wind,

Tumbling and turning, beating your soft wings


The meadow is your haven, with flowers of nectar sweet,

I watch you fly to heaven, while I sit upon my seat.

Your message of transformation, as I let go of old

And I watch your new freedom as I ask to be bold


My sorrows held within me, as again I give a sigh

You hypnotise me with your beauty, as you fly on by

You whisper in my ear, to trust…

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God’s Gift

Lovely butterfly in the grass

Edging spindled legs barely seen

Through straw-colored blades

Flitting wings of two slowly…slowly

Taking her time this lovely butterfly

For one brief moment in all of this world

God’s gift to all below

Back and forth, up to down then down to up

Like magic

Brushing square tips of fresh cut lime

Lovely butterfly in the grass

Sunset colors of a summer’s day

Brushstrokes painted upon paper wings

Soon to soar towards warmth of sun

I shall wave a fond farewell

Towards a splash of gold within a sea if blue


Lovely butterfly once God’s gift to all below

Just living is not enough!

Beautiful words to make you smile…..


Photo Art source: tumbl

“Just living is not enough, said the butterfly …
One must have sunshine,
freedom and a little flower to kiss…”

~ Hans Christian Andersen ~
Text source: Zura Shishani

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What Matters Most

It’s “International Happiness Day,” an appropriate time to share my granddaughter’s birthday celebration with you.

My husband and I picked Gracie up early that morning to give her mother, heavy with child, some extra time.    Across the back wall were decorations in pink polka dots.  On the table below were jars of matching confections to make children’s mouths water and grown-ups too.  High on the kitchen counter, adorable chocolate covered “Cake-Pops” to match the heads of Mini-Mouse were stuck on a sticks of white.