Follow your Heart

Words full of meaning in this butterfly poem from Sue Dreamwalker, together with a beautiful oil painting rich in color and life.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Butterfly in oilsButterfly in oils a small Painting I did over the weekend as I experimented with oils.. ( not my favourite medium ) but I am happy with how it turned out. Even though my camera skills need much to be desired 🙂 

Butterfly, Butterfly, Dancing on the breeze

You flit through the heavens, and among the trees

You fly through the air, like a leaf upon the wind,

Tumbling and turning, beating your soft wings


The meadow is your haven, with flowers of nectar sweet,

I watch you fly to heaven, while I sit upon my seat.

Your message of transformation, as I let go of old

And I watch your new freedom as I ask to be bold


My sorrows held within me, as again I give a sigh

You hypnotise me with your beauty, as you fly on by

You whisper in my ear, to trust…

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Happy Easter With A Croatian Tradition

A gift to us sent from Croatia via families and children who decorated the most fabulous ‘Easter Eggs’ I’ve ever seen. Thank you Sarah Vernon. Happy Easter!

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Giant hand-painted Easter Eggs exhibition  in front of the Zagreb Cathedral, Croatia Giant hand-painted Easter Eggs exhibition
in front of the Zagreb Cathedral, Croatia

Happy Easter!

To all who celebrate Easter: May you feel the hope of new beginnings, love and happiness throughout these Easter holidays and beyond throughout your life. And those who do not celebrate Easter: May love and happiness fill all your days.

I hope you will enjoy the photo gallery here of giant Easter eggs hand painted by joint efforts of Croatian artists as well as children across Croatia. This is a wonderful Croatian tradition that celebrates joy, peace and love. PLEASE CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENJOY THE FULL GLORY IN THIS EASTER EGG ART

zagreb croatia giant Easter eggs

Easter egg Croatia

Big Easter eggs Zagreb Croatia

Following photos are details on Easter eggs painted for the Zagreb Easter Exhibition in front of the Cathedral:

Giant Easter Eggs Croatia 2015 detail

Giant Easter Egg Croatia 2015 detail 2

Giant Easter Egg 2015 Croatia detail

Croatian Easter 2015

Croatia giant Easter egg 2015

Croatia giant easter egg 2015 detail

Croatia 2015 Easter egg

Croatia 2015 Easter big eggs detail

Away from the capital Zagreb the joy of giant Easter eggs continues:

Croatian artists at work in Pitomaca Croatian artists at work in Pitomaca

In Otocac the children celebrate love and togetherness In Otocac the children celebrate love and…

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The Hero’s Journey

This is profound. Everyone needs a hero. I learned who my hero was twenty-two years ago. My eyes welled with tears while I pushed the plunger to give my frail six year-old son an insulin shot. His innocent voice stated, “Mommy, tomorrow when I go home from the hospital, I won’t need any more shots!” The trailer to this movie is for everyone. Who is your hero?

Ethereal Nature

Saw this movie, Finding Joe, last night.   Highly recommend it.  So excellent.

Pretty big synchronicity as well, for recently I have been thinking very seriously about reading “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” .

This meshes so well with my own current journey, and my playful – yet autobiographical – series of blog posts: Quest of the Knight Errant.

Actually, I had better read the book so as to find out which chapter of my journey I’m in.   Would be so good to know where I’m at!   : )

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