From the time they were both children they knew they wanted to be parents one day.  As a little boy he played with Legos.  Later he grew to be an architect, designing their first house on a hill with a bedroom hiding a bunk for a daughter or a son.

When his wife was budding and sweet, she wrapped dolls in delicate dresses designed in her head.  Today, she works for a French baby boutique where she crafts delicate window displays.  This petite woman waves her magic wand fashioning the glass to look like a movie set fit for royalty.

This husband and wife have been to every doctor where they have tried all of the tests.  She has taken her assorted pills, held the glass thermometer under her tongue, and kept a paper chart with a pen.  With a kiss to the cheek, he’s given her the shots, and together they have endured rounds of IVF.   His wife has been poked and prodded and even tried surgery to give it her very best.

Now there are no more chances.  No more money in the bank to pay.  No more options for them.  No more ways to go.  They are finished, and all done, except for one.  Adoption.

Together they are the most wonderful couple, loving and warm.  They make a good living and have a better marriage than most.  They own a welcoming home that is ready and waiting for this baby of their own.  If blessed, the wife will stay home to raise her child of course.  It was never discussed or or whispered.  Silently understood it would always be her choice.

The nursery has been ready for years, I think now.  They want a baby so badly and yes, they’ve had a few close calls.  Everything is waiting for the blessed even.  The bear in the crib, books on the shelves and the stars on the walls.  If wind whispers the door may slightly open or the cradle may gently rock.   If you look up, “Humpty Dumpty” on the wall makes a sound, tick-tock…….tick-tock.

The latest word from the adoption agency has been a big fat D.E.N.I.A.L.  Is it because this couple would not be good parents?  Do they not have enough love to give to their baby-to-be?  No, the answer is simple.  The doting daddy is fifty.  Too old to give love to a child in the bureaucrat’s eyes you see.

Still, this team of husband and wife is mighty determined.  They have not given up.  They are filling out new forms and looking on the Internet.  A nursery is waiting for their baby to be……