Life is Wonderful

February 29th, 1992…Leap Year. It was an extra day on the cartoon calendar pictured and pasted on our kitchen bulletin board. The news anchor of our local television station signed off the night before by reminding me to, “Have some family fun the next day!” Yes, I remember……No, I’ll never forget.

February 29th of that year began much like any other. Indeed, I did have something fun planned for our family.  We were going to spend the afternoon at the park. Our two young boys, ages six and four were up early and dressed. The breakfast dishes were washed, and handy snacks were already packed.

It was unusually warm in St. Louis for late winter in the year of ‘92. Beautiful and bright with skies painted royal blue. I remember daffodils bloomed beneath willow trees in the back of my yard.  They were splashed in colors of variegated canary yellow, dancing to melodies that sung through whispered breezes blowing beneath the trees. Later, I saw them everywhere. I clung to them as a sign of hope.

We never made it to the park that day. Only hours later my oldest son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Too weak to play with his little brother, he simply wanted to “go to sleep.” In a panic, my husband scooped him up, ready to race towards our pediatrician. Just before walking out the door, I turned to him from our kitchen window, the same one where daffodils had sung songs of miracles to me. “Make sure the doctor checks his blood sugar,” I stated, matter-of-factly.

Back then, I knew nothing about diabetes, nor of blood sugar.  Yet the words that I spoke to my husband did indeed come out of my mouth. They sounded strange, and monotone as if coming from a body suspended above. Looking back, those were God’s words, never my own. They were His words that saved my son’s life that day.

Much has happened since then, but it is a fact that Chronic Conditions brought me to WordPress over three years ago. Little pieces of me are in the posts that I write and share here. So, what are some of the lessons that I’ve learned in life? The most important one is to stay positive in the face of adversity.

If your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I’m not going to lie. It knocks the wind out of you. It hurts. Remember that it’s okay to cry. Share your feelings. Don’t keep them bottled up. Even today, I’m still learning….

Most importantly, be strong and SMILE for the sake of your child. Children take their cues from their parents. Please be a positive role model, won’t you? They will forever set their childhood goals and dreams in life with you by their side. I promise things do get better. Technology has improved and will continue to get better every day in the future.

It’s been 24 years ago today since my son was diagnosed, “No, diabetes isn’t easy.” But, “Yes, his life is wonderful.” I am so very proud to be his mom, to call him my son….

In dedication to all of the children living with type 1 diabetes together with their families. My heart and blessings to you today, tomorrow and all of the days of my life.

Kim Gosselin

Priceless Tears

It’s been a while since I’ve posted much about Chronic Conditions. Although this is the basic theme of my blog, often my writing path veers toward a stop sign of grandchildren, babies, beauty in the world and nature. Inspiration from nightly dreams with photographs to delight my days.

In truth, our minds push portions of what we see and hear from the surface of reality in order to protect us. My own has been doing it for over twenty years. It does that still. There’s a thin dimension hidden slightly below the surface of my smile, cowering in a corner of my beating heart. A sort of twilight zone if you will.

With lined paper and a pen or ten fingers tapping on a keyboard, words meander around Chronic Conditions to discover pure beauty in the world. Joy in a single blade of grass, symphonies tweeted from a flock of birds, or sheer wonder observed in a sky of my favorite aqua blue.

Days or weeks go by without me going there…skipping rocks over what it’s like to live with Chronic Conditions. Memories are pushed down…down…down. Eventually, they rear their ugly heads to snap my own back to yesterday, today or even tomorrow. Sorry to say, Chronic Conditions never go away.

Early this morning, before dawn broke in the dark of day, I woke to tears trickling from the corner of an eye. First the left then the right until both began to flow. I let them fall silently, not wanting to wake my husband before brushing them from the two of my cheeks. Most often, I keep personal emotions bottled up, not wanting to share heartache or despair. Chin-up. Be positive!

Memories…Last week we spent an afternoon with my son and two of our grandchildren. He needed a bit of help and we were all too happy to see them! Lunch in the mall before rides on a wooden train of primary colors in red, yellow and green. Choo-Choo, Choo-Choo! Carousel animals under a striped Big Top of round for us to choose. Which one shall it be? Allie the Elephant, Zee the Zebra, or Joy the Dolphin? “Oh, this one, Grandma! She’s BLUE,” my granddaughter exclaimed with excitement, jumping up and down! I lifted her atop the smooth saddle of a teal dolphin from the sea, buckled her up and away we went. Up and down, down and up, while singing a make-believe song of “High in the Sky.”

Afterward, our generations of three skipped with holding hands to the far end of the building to discover a park of indoors. There, children gathered to play on soft, emerald-green grass in stocking feet. Moms and Dads took turns supervising with grandparents too. We proudly observed kids crawling on oversized turtles with cocoa-colored shells of tic-tac-toe. Brothers and Sisters played hide-n-seek under purple plastic logs. My grandbabies jumped off bridges over fantasy streams painted with rainbow-colored trout or giggled while sliding down their bellies with new-found friends.

Suddenly my son needed something sweet to eat! Under his breath, he whispered “Hurry!” My husband ran to get him cinnamon and sugared pretzel bites with a soda to drink at the closest stand nearby. The kids and I ran and jumped, smiled and laughed. Swallowing his surgary drink quickly, my son munched on sugared pretzel bites, two or three at a time. He checked his sensor attached to his stomach hidden under a T-shirt of white. The number in red appeared to be going up. A few minutes later he did a finger-prick of blood. My husband sat with him fifteen or twenty minutes, making sure the danger zone had passed. Talk and laughter with smiles on faces. This was our normal. No one knew anything different. Many Chronic Conditions are unseen, diabetes included.

Only a few weeks ago at Christmastime all was merry and bright until suddenly my son’s blood sugar dropped like a falling rock to a dangerously low number. Scooping up the kids, my husband and I disappeared into the toy room where we silently played and prayed 911 wouldn’t be needed. Luckily, it was not. Everyone went to bed early that evening as my son was tired from his episode. Chronic Conditions take a toll on the lives of those who live it together with the whole of their families.

This morning when my husband woke to the sounds of sniffles, he begged me to confess my troubles, which I finally did. “It’s okay,” he said, cuddling me just so. “You have a right to your feelings. You’re his mother.” I started bawling like a newborn babe. It felt like a dam had burst there and then as my pillow of down went from damp to wet. So good it was to let the worry and sorrow drain from the whole of my body. I had bottled the “no, don’t go there” for quite some time.

So, if you’re like me, give yourself permission to have feelings and emotions. To show them, honor them and admit they exist. Touch your heart with your mind and be not afraid to awaken your soul. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves. And, yes, go ahead and CRY.

Tears are priceless…..


I Am Rich! – by Mary D

Without trying to, Mary has found the reason for the season.

Kindness Blog

I am elderly and my health is not the best.

I am always amazed when I go out with my oxygen tank how many people smile at me warmly, open doors for me, or ask if I need help.

Truly, I believe most people have kind, loving hearts and are willing to share of themselves.

I have an abundant life –

I have a husband who has loved me and been a strong support in my life for 60 years. I have children and grandchildren who have grown into beautiful adults, I have a roof over my head and am warm in the winter weather, I have an excellent medical team who work to make me feel better and I live in an agricultural area and a lot of the food I eat is farm to table.   

Truly I have an abundant life for which I give thanks from…

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The Memory Journal

When I close my eyes, her smile is tilted slightly towards the sky, as if receiving a silent message meant for her soul alone.  She had an outward beauty of course, but her inward beauty was unsurpassed.  Calm in times of insurmountable struggles, tremendous trials and personal loss, she had an inner peace that gave her strength.  She was one of my father’s sisters who was diagnosed with a rare chronic heredity illness named, Friedreich’s Ataxia.  She was my special Aunt Joan.

Aunt Joan was a nurse by trade.  As a young woman, she took care of the sick and needy in a Michigan hospital.  She married a strict Lutheran Preacher with a dry sense of humor.  In turn, she became a minister’s wife who eventually bore and raised four children.  I often thought my mother was in a ‘race’ of sorts with her.  Together with my father’s other five sisters, they were forever having babies.  During family gatherings, some of my cousins and I peered under soft yellow blankets to catch the wrinkles of newborns cradled in their laps.  I was part of the older group.  It was our job to barricade running toddlers before they trashed our grandmother’s goods.  We were a lot like the “Kennedy’s” in that way, except our family was never rich or famous.

I don’t remember the order of such, whether Aunt Joan’s diagnosis came before or after her older sister, Helen.  They were fairly close in time, as I recall.  Either way, Aunt Joan was quite young.  I believe she learned of it soon after she bore her fourth and last child, a son.  She named her baby, Paul after my father who became his Godfather.   How difficult her life must have been, tending to four young children in addition to being the picture-perfect Pastor’s wife?  All this while living with such a devastating chronic condition?   If she ever questioned God, no one knew.  Instead, Aunt Joan was full of gentle smiles, taking her condition in stride while raising her brood of children proudly. Even after her body did not respond to her brain’s unmistakable commands, she persevered.  My aunt never complained.  Not ever.  Not after forty years or more.  Not even later in life when she lost her youngest son to a another chronic condition.  Life was not fair.

All of my aunts have given me exceptional gifts.  Life Lessons that can’t be learned by reading books or researching on a computer.  Growing up, I must have taken subliminal notes scribbled in invisible ink.  Lucky for me to have filed them away in a memory journal to be discovered during my own times of adversity.  Thank you, Aunt Joan.  For your life and the wisdom your shared with me.

Bless you together with your loved ones in heaven above.

English: My Heaven

Edited from one of my earliest posts 11/16/13 in dedication to my Aunt Joan

In Gratitude

In gratitude to Erica Heard, an accomplished writer living in New Jersey with published poetry and plays among her impressive resume.  Recently, she most generously nominated my blog for the prestigious Leibster Award.  With loving thanks to you, Erica!









Erica’s blog is entitled Suburban Hobo, and as it might suggest, she sometimes lives and writes in the form of a free spirit having once lived in Hollywood!  Please visit her at

 The Rules for this Award are as Follows:

  1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate approximately ten other bloggers you admire.
  4. Create ten new questions for the nominees to answer.
  5. Notify all nominees of their nomination.

 Questions for Me to Answer

  1. What is your favorite day of the week?  Saturday-No plans!
  2. If you could live in another era or country, what would it be? The 18th Century.  Romance, beautiful clothing, together with hours of reading poetry!
  3. Who is your best friend (human or non-human)? I have a few very close friends who are all considered to be “best friends.” 
  4. The mountains or the beach?  Beach.
  5. If you could have a different job (profession) what would it be? An actress or a movie critic.
  6. What are a few of your favorite films? Dead Poet’s Society, Funny Girl, A Beautiful Mind, Working Girl, Million Dollar Baby, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ordinary People and West Side Story.
  7. Who is one of your heroes/heroines (living or deceased)? My eldest son, Jayson for reasons most of you know.
  8. Do you speak more than one language?  No.
  9. Name some of your favorite books and/or authors.  The Year of Living Dangerously by Joan Didion, About Alice by Calvin Trillin, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming, A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar, Watch Me by Angelica Huston and anything written by the late Dominick Dunne.
  10. Future Hope and/or Aspiration or Goal (s)?  To keep writing and get something published before the year’s end.  To stay healthy in order to see my grandchildren giggle while growing older.  To be alive when there is a major breakthrough in diabetes research, hopefully a cure.

The Nominees: 

Questions for the Nominees

Were you raised in a big family or a small family?

Any regrets in life?

What is your favorite television show?

How long do you wish to live?

Favorite hobby?

Cooking at home or dining in a restaurant?

Dogs or cats?

House, apartment or condo?

What do you consider to be your best asset?

Dream vacation?

*Congratulations to all nominees together with every hardworking, imaginative blogger here on WordPress!  To those who do not accept awards, I understand completely.  If accepting, please feel free to take your time.  Thank you for reading with wishes to all for a wonderful new week.  🙂



Premio Dardos Award






Awards….so rewarding.  Although the temperature has dropped from 72 last Saturday to only 29 today, my world is filled with blue skies and plenty of warming sun having being nominated for the esteemed Primio Dardos award by the terrific Sally Cronin.

This award recognizes cultural, personal, ethical, and literary values in creative and original writing.  At first glance I had to read the above over again, wondering if my blog truly qualified.  For Sally to believe it does humbles me greatly while motivating my imagination.  I have much more writing to do, more topics to explore and more words to offer others.  Thank you Sally, for this very great honor

Please visit Sally who blogs at where you will find a variety of topics from health to humor.  She is one of the most giving persons I’ve ever met or known, always tooting someone else’s horn before her very own.   She is a published author, wife and animal lover who works from day to night running several successful companies with her adoring husband while juggling several hats on her lovely coiffed head.   Please take time to get to know her as she is a fantastic person and supporter of others like no other.  I feel privileged to know her in this blogging world of ours.

Rules: The rules of acceptance are quite simple.  Please thank the blogger who nominates you with a link to their site, followed by nominating 15 fellow bloggers whose writing you so admire.  Add a link and a bit of information about each one to help readers learn a bit about them.  Hopefully, they will become followers and their readership will grow.

**With so many terrific writers it is always difficult to narrow the number down to only 15.  Please do not take offense if your site is not on the list below.  It truly is nearly an impossible task.

***On the flip-side, some nominated bloggers may no longer accept awards or do not have the time to do so.  I understand and will not be offended in any way.  Every blog is a gift to others, listed or not.  I thank all of you for your passion, for following your dreams of writing and providing all of us at WordPress with the gift of each word you write.

Nominations: Pamela is a published author who specializing in the genres of romance and suspense.   A loving wife and mother, she teaches creative writing in addition to blogging.  Noelle was raised in a small town near the eastern shore, but now lives in North Carolina.  She is the mother of two children and the author of two, published novels. Rowena blogs and writes at “Beyond the Flow.”  It is a collection of thoughts and musings of what may enter her mind on a daily basis.  I relate to her on many levels as we have chronic illness in our lives, yet she perseveres, never dwelling on it but choosing to focus on the ‘positives’ in life. Mihran is trained in Hospitality Consulting and Services.  However,  she has gifts of  many including writing, singing and inspiring others.  She writes poetry, short stories, general musings and posts beautiful artwork on her blog. Mahesh is a most esteemed writer, having received a professional certification of Creative Fiction in Writing from NYU.  His posts vary with his feelings as he pens profound words on various topics, always writing what matters most to his heart. Christy writes from Canada.  She has a debut book of poetry with rave reviews coming out and inspires others with her words.  She posts poetry, music, short stories and interviews. AB is a self-proclaimed, “Nomad on the Loose.”  He is an accomplished poet who writes fantastic and often profound lines of poetry each and every day.  Do not miss his posts! Michael is a shamanic healer, a psychotherapists and a teacher among other things.  I truly enjoy his posts as his writing reaches deep into your soul with a short paragraph or two.  Lovely writing. “D’s” blog is always a surprise.  She is a voracious reader who had a happy childhood and lives in Canada.  Her words will make your heart sing, your eyes shed tears or your belly laugh A blog of beautiful lines of poetry are written several times per day, most with fabulous photographs, readings or music.  Astounding! Scott is a missionary who travelled to Guatemala where his life was changed forever.  In addition to blogging, he is a husband and father who works as a corporate trainer and speaker.  He now travels the world to spread his word of goodwill to others. “Zip” writes from her free spirit, never knowing which way her keyboard may take her.  She prefers poetry although once in a while a short story will pop into her blog. Robin has recently entered yet anther chapter in her life and writes about many subjects.  Family is very important to her, specifically her children and grandchildren.  You will find her loving life within her words, never knowing what she may write about day-to-day. Allie has truly lived her life, and is a firm believer in her dreams.  An accomplished writer and published author from the UK, she most often writes poetry. Christine hopes to inspire others through her blog.  She is extremely successful in many different areas including “Happiness!”  Kudos to you, Christine!



Happy “Special” New Year! Hearts As One-Drum Beat Award

On New Year’s Day a gift was surprisingly bestowed upon me.   Already, on the very first day, it became a “Special” New Year for me!  Sue Dreamwalker, awarded me a truly lovely and meaningful award that she created and designed herself.  I’ve held this heartfelt treasure close to me during this past week, believing in the magic of its significance.  Thank you with great appreciation, Sue.

Today I pass it on to others of which the recipients must be caring of others with love and compassion in their hearts.  Truly, I cannot think of a single person that I correspond with here at WordPress who does not fall into this category!  So please, besides those listed below, feel free to accept this award proudly while passing it on to others who YOU feel are deserving.

Drumbeat Award

Sue is a very spiritual person who ‘beats’ to her own drum while inspiring others towards peace and good will.  Hoping  to spread further seedlings of empathy and kindness through the world during the year of 2015, she strongly supports the unity of all mankind.

Please pick up Sue’s beautiful drum.  Go ahead, beat on it slightly with the palm of your hand. Do you hear a faraway thumping sound or feel soft vibrations all around?  If we close our eyes lightly to wishing silently, positive changes may begin in the year of 2015. Ahhh, to sigh quietly this is what I’m dreaming of.  Indeed, this is what we need….

Happy “Special” New Year to All of You at here at WordPress.

The Heart’s As One-Drum Beat Award  is Awarded to the Following


“Within their posts whether it be through Poem or Word

Caring for others is a must for this Award

Be it through laughter or Humour

Photograph or Story

Love and Compassion

Are Mandatory”  *Sue Dreamwalker



Thank You, Lorrie Bowden

Months have gone by since I was generously nominated by the dear Lorrie Bowden for The Versatile Blogger Award.  It looked somewhat different than I had seen before with a beautiful red flower against the bright backdrop of green.  How lucky I am, to be honored by Lorrie!


I had every heartfelt intention of accepting this lovely award long ago.  Within days of receiving it however, my bowl of life began to overflow with commitments.  Lorrie understood, telling me to, “Take my time.”  No matter now many days passed, her kind heart full of love and appreciation was never far from my mind.

I am most grateful to accept this terrific award from Lorrie, a special person to many here at WordPress.  If you haven’t had the chance to get to know her, please visit her beautiful blog at,

The rules of acceptance for this award are to share 7 interesting facts about yourself in addition to nominating 15 other bloggers for this award.

My best attempt at Seven “Interesting Facts”

  1. My first name is not Kimberly.  Whenever I’m asked, “Is your name, Kimberly?”   My answer is inevitably the same.  “No, it’s just Kim.”
  2. My favorite children’s book is “Charlotte’s Web,” by E. B. White.  I still read it to this day, sobbing uncontrollably at the loss of Wilber’s beloved and faithful friend, Charlotte.
  3. When I was expecting my first child I craved Banana Splits, gaining 52 pounds over the course of nine months. Before my last son was born, Grapefruits never left my mind or mouth.  I had to have them morning, noon and night.  During that time I gained 53 pounds.  Go figure!
  4. I’ve never been much of an athlete, choosing “Bicycling” to fill a requirement for a P.E. college class. So sad…
  5. As a young mother, I always hoped to someday have a daughter.  I never dreamed of having four grand-daughters.   Miracles do happen!
  6. If I could choose one author to have lunch with living or dead, it would be, Dominick Dunne.  I’ve read every book he ever wrote and couldn’t wait for Vanity Fair to arrive in my mailbox, flipping pages to find his column.  Although worlds apart, I always felt a special connection to him.  Several of his books are signed First Edition copies sitting on a prized wooden shelf in my library.  Such a fascinating time it would have been to sit with him in a New Your cafe, gossiping about people and places, life or anything at all in the world.  Oh, how I would have loved it!!
  7. Long ago I wanted to be an actress. How ironic, for if I had been an actress perhaps I’d be reading another author’s words today, rather than writing my own.

The Fifteen Bloggers Nominated for The Most Versatile Blogger Award:

*If you are an “Award Free Blog” or do not have time to accept please know that I understand.  Your work is always very much appreciated.


Lovely Blog Award

As most of you know, I was on vacation last week.  No expectations for me.  Still, it was hard for my husband or friends to drag me away from my phone or laptop computer. They can all attest to that.  Even as everyone else was down the elevator three floors below, I was still punching keys in my tropical room so high above.

While checking my comment section on WordPress, imagine my surprise to discover this object of beauty?


It arrived from a very kind man, and such a humbled honor it was to see.  Mr. David Prosser,, author, writer extraordinaire, blogger and lover of social media, bestowed this gift to me.  With nothing but nice things to say each and every day, he hails from Wales (my mother’s roots) and is the father to a daughter he so lovingly adores.

Thank you so very much, David.

As far as I know there are no specific “Rules” of acceptance for this “One Lovely Blog Award.”  Am I to nominate others?  I am not sure, yet a few are listed below.  This is always the most difficult part for me.  I could go on and on and on with writers whose words are so appreciated and admired.

I did notice that David listed a few interesting facts about himself upon acceptance of the above award, and so I shall list something too.  Long ago I shared my difficulty in suffering from paralyzed vocal cords.  I wrote of them in several of my posts. ,, and .  Finally, after nearly 16 months I am completely healed.  The doctor’s hands have done their magic and I have done my work.  My throat no longer hurts, the cough is gone and I’ve completed all of my dreaded vocal therapy.  I can even eat again!  Hip-hip-hooray!  🙂

The following blogs are nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”

Little Girl Lesson

She was there at the bus stop, waiting like the others.  Her bus was yellow too, but was smaller with a wheelchair lift in a grid of patterned, painted metal.  Cars were parked behind her mother’s older van.  One…two…three…waiting impatiently.

It was late spring in the coolness of warm weather-to-be.  Flowers and trees bloomed everywhere.  Pink and purple or double blooms of white, smelling fragrantly.  At the corner, children pressed buttons to roll down windows.   Heads of boys hung out side to see what the commotion was all about.  Girls who couldn’t care less, texted in back seats while chewing gum and clicking tongues.

Air, still damp wafted through hallows of vacuumed cars.  Birds in high, high branches tweeted songs from above, while warming engines shut down from below.   Healthy kids who took dancing lessons in afternoons or batted balls early in nights, didn’t know or understand what they waited for.

There was a hidden motor buzzing like baby bees helping to ‘lift’ a lower platform to the ground.  Suddenly, children’s eyes looked carefully.  They saw a young woman with a pony tail of glazed copper standing under a sky of blue together with a round of gold.  From the side, she guided forms of metal gently to the ground.

The aged van that was parked behind the mini yellow, held a dainty girl together with her waiting mother.  The van was grey in color with a magic sliding door that suddenly opened revealing a ‘lift’ much like the mini-bus of yellow.  Sitting on top was a miniature wheelchair holding a delicate child with skin of white and hair of red.  The ‘lift’ lowered her to the ground where her mother waited, protectively.  She brushed air curls of hair away, something simple that her daughter could not do with arms not able to work like yours or mine.

Other children who had walked, stopped to stare.  Not to tease or gloat or bully.  Without saying a word, the little girl sitting in the wheelchair spoke volumes.  In a matter of minutes, a major lesson had been taught.  Other children realized how lucky they were to run and jump and dance and play.  No more taking God’s gifts for granted!  Live life to the fullest each and every day.

Be thankful in every way.

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