200th Post!

To everyone reading this, I just pushed the button for my 200th post.  Surprised I was to see this icon at the top of my notifications this morning!


I thank all of you who have read my words from the very depth of my heart and soul.  To those who have been with me from the beginning and to others who have just hitched aboard my sometimes weary train.

It’s been a little over eight months since I started down these wayward tracks, not sure of where they would lead.  Such a pleasure my journey has been!  I’ve discovered beautiful scenery through other blogger’s paintings, art and photographs.  I’ve read stories that have touched me dearly, causing me to weep with joy or sadness while discovering personal triumphs or misfortunes through lovely written prose.

I’ve laughed aloud at posted videos, gaggled at jokes or sighed at quotes.  My family has kissed new plates of foods I’ve tried to cook from recipes you’ve given me.   And, oh, the poetry I’ve read from all of you. Inspiration it’s been for me!!

Ah, you have taught me so much more than I could ever learn though books or tapes or classes held.  A sincere “thank-you” for supporting me together with my work.  My spirit is lifted because of you.

Thank you again, and bless you always.