End of Season

I shall miss my lovely sunflower bed
Thank you for my days of yellow splendour
Where atop red patio bricks
In rocking chair of natural wicker 
Lyrics of trickling fountain melodies
Splashed near petals of dotted chocolate kisses
Oh to breathe in deeply ere out slowly
A sad good-bye forth seasons of Fall and Winter,
Gleeful anticipation to sense God’s hint of Spring
Not long to seek emerald-green in clay of red
Peeking buds bloom finally bursting forth
Gifts of happiness have come yet again
From far above for me to share and love
Until then, sleep well my yellow friends

Magic Garden of Serenity

Colors splash so vibrantly

From ground or painted pots

Silent sounds near rainbow’s end

Bend my head, breathe a scent, intoxicate me

With beauty and beyond.

For every bloom my eyes now view

Tones and tints and hues are sent

Waving wand, casting spells, distance me

Not afar tranquility

The magic garden of serenity

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 23-Season

Well, I’ve never taken part in a photo challenge before, but here goes. Flower Power! *photographs copyright kimgosselin


Our good friend Hugh Roberts, of https://hughsviewsandnews.com, always sets the bar high. Never-the-less, I’m giving it a go. Most of you have probably seen these photographs since I’m enthralled with flowers and nature. Still, I beg of you not to be bored and ask you to please take another look.

This sunflower is one of my favorite pictures ever snapped with a trusty I-Phone 6.flower single yellow daisy zoom awesome

Of course, the bright pink flower below started speaking to me the moment I spotted her from the corner of my eye. Bees buzzed all around her until the perfect moment when I was able to capture them both.flower bee botanical


And, a menagerie of all the rest. It was a perfect day spent at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. Each and every time, there is something beautiful to see!

What Word Lies in A Bloom?

My garden is beginning to bloom again

With sprouts of celery green bursting forth

Upward through the ground

Of rock and clay in covered red.

Shades of weathered brown were all around,

Chocolate and cocoa colors

Muffin tops of snow cakes swallowed yesterday.

Showers fell from sky of royal blue above

Weeping and seeping

Opening a seasoned curtain of spring splendor.

Forces of nature pushed them from far below

“Up, up, up, it’s time for you to go…”

Soon blossoms of buttercup yellow

Will open mouths to say, “Hello.”


fall flowersThe golden flower of fall has withered

Partly crisp and yellow under the sun

Petals droop

Soon, they will begin to fall

Slipping one-by-one to the somber soil of a new season

Mellow, it’s begun

Warm and wonderful under the sun

Waiting for what is to come

The golden flower now falling….






Oh to discover a Wildflower

Along the river road so unexpectedly

Sprouting such a beauty in periwinkle blue


Tall and true

All alone you see

No friends to be


Waiting to be found

Beside the banks of current and flow

Blades of grass and trampled weeds

Leaves of dry and waxy new


Where children play with dogs and toys

Kicking balls running far and fast

To pass Wildflower never looking back



Still she holds her head so high

In round of petals proud

Strong and straight on a single stem 

Looking up towards Heaven’s sky


Growing anticipation, hoping and waiting

For someone new to notice

Her flashing smile, eyes within and dimpled chin

Behold the glowing light upon her there


Oh to discover a Wildflower

Along the river road so unexpectedly

Sprouting such a beauty in periwinkle blue….

wild flower periwinkle blue



Gifts of a Magical Picture Show

It seems I’ve spoken too soon.  Yes, the month of July did appropriately open with a bang of warm weather, but the last couple of days it’s been cool and raining again.  Can you believe it?  Yet, God must be on my side because just as my fingers tapped words upon my keyboard, sun blazed through long, turret windows of my office space.  Shining signs of what may be.

The weather has turned, taking on a new pattern.  No longer are cold, wet drops pounding from the sky in buckets.  Instead, gentle showers are falling in a steady mist all the day through.  Breathing deep, the scent of fresh air is like no other.  Crisp, clean and clear.  

Sitting on the stoop of my patio, I search for new life among the gardens.  Sunflowers are now blooming.  Upon them are bumble bees of yellow with stripes of black upon their backs.  Buzzing, they fly from one to the next.  My once drenched flowers are starting to rise again in painted pots.   Soon they’ll grow tall to reach towards heaven.  Birds stop at feeders, shake their tail feathers, or fly away to peck for worms from a lawn the color of Ireland.

In a steady mist of rain, nature pauses to change.  To my delight, animals once hidden within the forest suddenly appear.  Cabin fever?  Sneaking to a damp chair, I take quiet respite, hoping to soak newness like cocoa twigs floating in backyard streams.

A red fox strolls through the back of my yard!  Damp and wet from the elements, he is beautiful.  Sensing me, he stops briefly to glance my way before trotting toward the line of various trees.  

To the left of our property, a large, furry rabbit sits upright nearly unseen behind tall reeds.  There, he seems to pull long stems from roots like squash colored carrots, munching away.  So big he is!  At first sight, I think he might be a woodchuck.  Soon, however, his fluffy white tail peeks from behind to give him away.

At last, what I’ve been waiting for!  Deer with new babies!  Does and Bucks with fawns by their sides.  Tentatively, they stroll into my yard, coming closer…closer.  A few nibbles here and there.  I don’t care.

So much fun to watch coated babies with spots leap and bound in carefree play from one end of my property to the other.  The young fawns are very fast, chasing each other like children in a game of tag.  “Catch me if you can,” they seem to say, as they bounce around emerald pines and hide among thick thatch.  I’m barely able to snap any pictures as they race from one end of a meadow to the farthest of the next.  All the while, their mothers watch protectively under the mist of a gently falling rain.

Gifts of a magical picture show.  


Nature’s Fireworks

Fourth of July and I feel all of June has been lost…Much to weather and other conditions in life.  Still, it’s beautiful this morning.  The sky is clear and a rising sun is shining down upon me, warming the back of my neck ever so slightly.

Sigh….My beloved potted flower gardens have taken a beating.  Rain pounded the red bricks of my patio and all on top of it for most of June.  Petals of petunias are wounded.  Leaves have turned yellow and roots have risen to the top of pots.  Variegated ivy trails over sides of primary colored clay.  No longer are plants vibrant and full of life.  Their voices are weak and barely speak.  I’m afraid their days may be numbered.

I don’t ever remember the month of June being so soggy and wet.  Day after day it seemed to rain.  Rivers rose, roads closed, flooding ensued and everyone was forced to stay inside.  Even my favorite forest friends never ventured beneath their canopy of trees.  

Normally, June signals celebration.  Summer begins, school ends and voices of children begin to drift through wire screens of open windows.  How my heart aches for sounds of summer solstice!

Thankfully, there is no rain in sight today, not on this holiday.  Families are busy packing picnic baskets with favorite foods.  Coolers are being filled with ice and drinks.  Concerts will be heard in parks tonight while skies explode in sparkling colors all aglow.

As Independence Day is celebrated, I take pause to thank God for all that I have in life.  My treasured flowers may dry out, allowing new ones to sprout.  Or, perhaps beautiful blooms are flourishing elsewhere around me?

The world is full of fireworks if only we open our eyes to see….

The Wonder of Gardens

It was a Thursday like today.  A few weeks ago, I think.  Sunny with a bit of a chill in the air.  I was working in my office that afternoon when my husband came home from being on the road all week.  Popping his head between French doors of white he peeked in to say, “It’s a beautiful day!  Let’s get away!”

Hopping into our car, we headed north on highway 44 towards downtown St. Louis.  Soon a bright green exit sign led us toward the St. Louis Botanical Gardens where something new will always surprise you with beauty and wonder.  Nature never ceases to amaze me there.  Life is always springing forth no matter the season with new blooms in colors never seen before.

Truth be told the gardens are filled with history dating back to 1859 when Henry Shaw moved his residence, Tower Grove House http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/gardens-gardening/our-garden/gardens-conservatories/victorian-district-tower-grove-house/tower-grove-house.aspx  to his gifted acres that are now the Botanical Gardens.  He was a botanist, a man of science, a visionary with a pure love for all given to us by God and the world above.  He studied plants and their surroundings, loving them more than life itself.  Before he passed away, he commissioned his mausoleum to be built on the grounds amid his beloved trees and vines of ever-changing flowers.  Even in death, he never wanted to leave his cherished gardens.  Anyone making a trip to St. Louis, owes themselves a visit to this most enchanting world.

Surprisingly, the day that we drove into the parking lot workers of all sorts were setting up for an annual Chinese Festival that runs all summer long.  It is a beautiful exhibit, helping pay homage to China and the magnificent Chinese gardens within the Botanical Gardens.  Huge, bright and colorful displays were being set up, all lit from within, welcoming us as we walked inside.  Greeting us at the entrance depicted two, giant elephants rising up on their back hooves.  Most people don’t realize this magnificent presentation is made entirely of individual porcelain plates, painstakingly laid one by one in perfect position.  One mistake and the entire display falls to pieces….

Anticipation prickled my arms.  I couldn’t wait to walk among the beautiful flowers or delight at the bright Chinese splendors of 2015.  Once out in the open air, my eyes darted this way and that.  So much to look at.  Blooms in all colors of the rainbow and others that I’d never imagined.  Fields of Irises with bees buzzing and bushes of peonies drooping with huge powder puffs of color nearly dusting the ground.

Besides the precious gifts of nature, by far I was mesmerized by man’s creation of art.  The fabulous Chinese presentations!  They were bright, ornamental, colorful and fun! Children and adults alike giggled at airy animals playing in the grass or gazed at beautiful displays while wondering what secrets tall gentlemen whispered through the cool breeze of willow trees?

So, if you get a chance please visit the St. Louis Botanical Gardens this summer.  In the light of day your eyes will gaze upon nature never dreamed of before.  And, when dusk begins to settle upon China, lanterns will light, soaring your senses to heights of magical travel.   Wishes of wonder will float through airy trees, whispered by little ones holding your hand.