Desert Dreams

Ginger steps, tender toes, sink…follow 

Look behind cannot find

Disappearing into sugar bowl of nothingness.

Not too sweet take a bite spit it out

Poison dreams, dying….drying

Sucking marrow of abandoned desert bones. 

Persevere, don’t give up lift those feet

One-by-one eyes at me don’t look back 

Nailing winds of gritty breeze

A mirage perhaps? No, believe in me.

Striving, digging, sinking, deeper

Crystals in the sand cannot stop tomorrowland.

Out of breath no more rest 

Step-by-step do your best

Rewards await in oasis state.

Sighing, sipping, liquid, dripping

Soaking desert dreams….sprouting  life anew

One for me and one for you.



Carousel of Dreams

I didn’t get much sleep last night.  My words kept me from slumber.  At one point I dreamed of far off music.  Was it a soothing waltz my words were dancing to?  This morning it’s so ironic to think of what my mind does when I’m supposedly sleeping.  One side of the brain is talking to me.  It says, “Stir you from sleepiness to twist on the antique rose lamp.”  In my dream-state, I’m tempted under warm bedcovers yet I can’t seem to reach it.  Then I hear a voice, like an old record stuck playing over and over again.  “Open your bedside drawer, reach for that pad and pen.  For a few minutes nothing…….peacefulness.  Could I now be in REM?  It is far too short for soon it begins again.