New Life-New Year

Around the world people are counting down ‘till the hands of a clock strike twelve. Corks will pop atop bottles of bubbly, kisses and hugs will be shared while resolutions are repeated. Young and old will wish for a wonderful New Year through hopes and dreams and tears and laughter.

Recently, my heart spilled with joy while empty rooms of my home were filled shortly before Christmas. Father flew in from Phoenix, while my youngest son and his family drove from Nashville. Tired grand-babies tumbled from the car before falling into my squeezing arms.

During the silent night of Christmas Eve, a cell phone jingled its bells, waking my husband. He darted from under the covers before speeding to our eldest son’s to await sleeping children soon to discover Santa. My daughter-in-law was about to deliver my sixth grandchild.

Shortly after brunch on Christmas day, while stockings were emptied and presents were opened, my fifth grand-daughter was born in the quiet of a nearby hospital. Felicity Noelle, meaning “Happy Christmas,” weighed in at just over seven pounds, wearing a cap of silky hair the color of coal.

Surely, the gift of new life brings promises of a Happy New Year to all. Many blessings to you during 2017 with wishes of good health, success, and happiness.

Gifts That Only God Can Provide

Yesterday I was flooded with last year’s same day of memories. My ‘Babies of Two’ celebrated their first birthday. A year ago they had been born into this world, taken from their mother’s womb with hopes and prayers that all would be well. It was December 18th 2014.

Last January began and blossomed just as my youngest son met and married a beautiful girl. Before long, springtime was in the air. New life sprouted here and there and everywhere. Grass turned lush and green, flowers bloomed with scents so sweet and birds began to tweet. Soon came an announcement that a new baby was expected the following year. A few weeks later, a surprise for everyone. “We’re going to have twins!”

Often, I drove my daughter-in-law to her doctor’s appointments where an ultrasound machine was in the room. Lights were tuned down low. My face felt all aglow. Directly in front of us was a large screen shining as though lit from behind. Shades of black and white appeared with undertones of dove gray. Little shapes unknown became grand-babies right before my eyes! I thought my heart would stop then and there.

‘Babies of Two’ were not due until early 2015, the time of year when snow starts to settle on branches of trees and into the tracks of animals on curving paths in between. But, from early October until nearly the end, tiny lives and that of their mother were often in jeopardy. Every precaution was taken to prevent and stop early labor until finally nothing more could be done. God had decided the day had come.

Early in the afternoon of December 18th, 2014‘Babies of Two’ arrived one by one. My son was in the delivery room where he comforted his wife while his daughters of newborn were carefully delivered. Immediately afterward they were whisked off to a Special Care Nursery to be monitored 24/7.

Exactly one week later, in the moon of Christmas night, ‘Babies of Two’ snuggled and cuddled next to each other in a cradle of their very own. Out of the hospital and under the roof of their very first home.

Gifts that only God can provide…

A Forever Family

It’s quiet here, dark and nearly silent except for the sound of wheels slowly rolling by. Intermittent, few and far between. Sleepy drivers headed off to work. I often wonder if they notice lights peeking from behind wooden blinds within my turret office space. The world has not yet woken to a new day dawning.

Life will never be the same from this day forward for a friend of mine who has struggled with the chronic condition of infertility. Yesterday, she and her husband were gifted the soft, sweet scents of a newborn baby boy during the twilight of yester night. Years of disappointment, medication, surgery, hope, miscarriage and financial hardship were finally rewarded with eight pounds of God’s miracle wrapped in cotton gauze at 7:02 pm.

It has been a difficult road for this friend of mine. For years and years, she too has been spinning her wheels. Rolling towards the day of motherhood.  She married rather late in life by most standards. At nearly 36, she hadn’t found the right guy until she literally bumped into him at a local post office near closing one day. She had been busy running her own company while he was climbing the ladder in the mortgage industry. Babies were not even thought of until marriage which came soon after that fateful bump in the postal parking lot.

My friend and her husband traveled on a romantic Hawaiian honeymoon, settled into a beautiful home and immediately practiced making babies together. No luck. A couple of years went by without anything happening. She felt her baby clock ticking. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes tuned into months which soon turned into a couple of years. Time was running out.

Gray clouds of depression surrounded my friend wherever she went. Babies seemed to be everywhere. If she saw a mother cradling an infant or heard a family member announce a new pregnancy, tightness tugged at her belly of emptiness. How could life be so unfair?

Before long my friend and her husband went to see a fertility doctor who referred them to a renowned specialist. Together, they tried several different protocols. Fertility drugs brought them no success. Soon they moved on to IVF.  Hormone injections became a daily ritual followed by medical procedures, ultrasounds and careful monitoring. It was painful, frustrating and expensive. Twice, my friend felt the joy of early pregnancy, seeing two straight lines on an EPT test. Her husband smiled and big and wide while supporting her with all his might.  Both times, she miscarried shortly thereafter, once ironically on the very morning of Mother’s Day.

Approximately five months ago my friend called to say she was pregnant once again. “This is our last try,” she said, hopefully.  “I’ve taken a leave of absence from work to relax at home. No matter what happens, I’m going to enjoy this baby for as long as I have him.”

Tears of slight and salty ran down my face as I prayed for my friend together with her little family. Although unborn, the innocence within her womb was her last chance to birth a forever family.

So today I celebrate the miracle of life while congratulating my friend and her husband on their beautiful new bundle of baby blue. There are no words, not even for a writer to express what fills this new mother’s heart and soul as velvet skin rests upon the bare of her own for the very first time. It’s not only a new child that has been born into this world, but a forever family.

Welcome to the world little one.

*photo courtesty of Google

Parents with Baby

Special Delivery

An official announcement from the maternity department of hospital!

In the wee hours of dawn Babies of Two were born to Kim Gosselin and Alisa Belzil. Weighing in at over nine pounds combined, Mollie and Maddie sleep peacefully, gently swaddled next to warm and beating hearts.  Babies are healthy, Moms are happy.

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