Believing in Magic

The magical innocence of children…it’s the wonder of it that draws me in like a vacuum hose to sawdust.

Recently, my husband and I spent some time in Disney World with my oldest son, daughter-in-law and three of our young grandchildren. Their eldest daughter, at just five years old was up for anything. Riding rollercoasters of tall and fast, lumbering in a log toward splashing white rapids and marveling at roaming wild animals during a jungle safari. She loved the beauty of colored gardens and especially, getting autographs from her favorite Disney characters.

My only grandson who is just about to turn three gripped his grandpa’s hand while eyeing Captain Hook during a boat ride through storyland. Soon he fell down Splash Mountain, opening his mouth wide in joyous laughter. And later, he was thrilled to discover the Wild Animal Park hopping up and down on windy dirt roads in a bumpy jeep. One of his favorite things to do was climb the ropes around Dinosaur Land, and later, dig for “prehistoric” bones hidden in the cool dry sand under a billowy canopy.

The youngest of my grandchildren was carried by her mother in a knapsack of sorts that fitted across her waist and chest. There, Mama’s infant was serene and sublime most of the time. Hardly a peep was ever heard from this little one on any given day. She was exactly where she wanted to be: nestled against Mama.

One of the biggest hits of Disney World was having breakfast while meeting some of my grandchildren’s favorite Disney characters: Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickie & Minnie Mouse. To see their faces light from deep within, feel their emotions, and hear the bell of their giggles was truly priceless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them happier in the whole of their lives. It’s a morning I shall never forget for as long as I live.

As we left, my grand-daughter posed a serious question. “Grandma, are the characters REAL or are they people just wearing costumes? “Hmmm,” I thought. “How shall I answer this precious child?” I certainly didn’t want to take the allure out any of the joy we had just witnessed. “Well, sweetie, we are at Disney World where everything is magic. So, yes, here the characters are real.”

*Think like a child again. Put a little magic in your life today!


20 thoughts on “Believing in Magic

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    • Feelings, emotions and memories never to forget, Annette. We used to take our two boys when they were young; now we get to enjoy taking the next generation. Our youngest son and his family will join us in a year or two. Thank you for reading, Annette. 😘

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  2. Hi Kim.
    It’s so good to catch up and I really enjoyed reading about your family’s trip to Disney World and seeing the photos. I’ve never been there, but after reading about your day there, I could really appreciate the point of going. That there is that magic there, which transcends the commercialism.
    We have Dreamworld on the Queensland Gold Coast, which might be some sort of equivalent. My daughter asked me to take them there the other day and I made a conscious note that I didn’t have to be so serious. We could have fun. I’d been thinking of taking her to the Powerhouse Museum.
    Meanwhile, I have to get dressed and get her off to holiday dance class.
    xx Ro

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    • So nice to “talk” to you again, Rowena! I appreciate you reading my post together with your kind words. Do take your children to “Dreamworld” if given the chance. It too sounds like another ‘Magical’ place on earth where imaginations have a chance to come alive again. Many blessings to you.


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