Through The Lens of a Child

A reminiscent post that gave my heart a smile today…..

Each and every day and usually more than once, I drive past a lovely Equestrian Center very close to my home. It’s a beautiful place where horses of all breeds are boarded, competitions are held and lessons are taught, trail rides are given, and a bit of magic happens…..

On any given day, behind white split-rail fencing in flat, muddy fields I’ll see mares munching on bales of hay, stallions kept at bay, geldings trotting close enough to take a look, and if I’m very, very lucky, a mama nursing her baby foal on spindly legs or a dewy colt newly born.

This past summer on a still afternoon, my husband and I pulled into the dusty parking lot of the above with our little grand-daughter who squealed with delight. Clouds of brown welcomed our car with poofs of air the color of smoke. A wooden porch of sun-bleached planks greeted us before we checked in. Sitting on the plain pine bench, I almost expected a prickly tumbleweed to roll by!

The smell of open barns drifted my way, drawing me in. My grand-daughter’s small of hand clasped my own, looking up to me. Her eyes of saucer blue together with a smile that melts my heart-so-much stopped me in my tracks. We went on to visit countless stalls of fresh cream-colored straw, most with horses living in them. Others were out, taking a break. Everything was ‘new’ to her, a story waiting, words to say, more magic happening…..

Wafting through the first barn was the musty scent of sweaty twine together with horse manure from nearby fields of munched on grass and weeds.  Click-Click…sounds of fancy cowboy boots tapping on the pitted cement floor while silver spurs passed right in front of us. So close we could almost touch them! Shiny silver with sparkling jewels together with little stars twinkling from them! On the wall to the left, a long row of black helmets hung from dark brass hooks. “But, why…,” she asked. Always a question, forever an answer. “To keep you safe,” I explained.

“I want to see the horses, Grandpa,” our grand-daughter exclaimed, jumping up and down! My husband lifted her with both hands, propping her up on his shoulders to get a better view over the fence-line. Gorgeous, smooth, soft-to-the-touch heads in solids and spots sprung from their lunch breaks to check us out. Pointed ears in brown, black or tan tapered just so, in curiosity. Long, wiry hair of swishing tails swinging back and forth. Sooo pretty!

Thinking it might be time to go, we moved towards the car. “Where are the ponies,” came tiny words from little, ‘Moppet Head.’  My husband and I held her hands to walk several blocks to the last and final barn.  Home to all of the ponies. There she hung on the rail, eye-level to ‘horses’ more her size. She whispered close to their ears, named each and every one and visited their stalls, before blowing imaginary kisses to say, “Good-Bye.”

After all my time in living here, it took a child’s innocence for me to see the magic in a place I’ve barely glimpsed before. How much MORE of life is there to live, if only I could look through the lens of a child?



20 thoughts on “Through The Lens of a Child

  1. I have had that same experience with my grand daughter who is now nine. She loves horses and takes lessons since she turned six. She was asked to join the Equestrian Team in her age group and was so proud, and so were we all. She know each and every pony and horse by name. Loves to care for them and is fulfilling a dream that started when she was three, so this story brings tears to my eyes and a hope that your grand daughter will fulfill all of her dreams, what ever they may be. :o)

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    • Oh, to read about about your own grand-daughter choked me up! How thrilling to see her dreams come true, and so special to share them with her. This little one loves the ponies, and can’t wait until she’s big enough to go on a ‘real’ trail ride! Thank you for your loving wishes! Blessings to you and your special grand-daughter.

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    • Hello Ian: I’ve recently moved since this day, but have kept her love of horses alive through those grazing in nearby fields together with promises of soon-to-be trail rides the very day she is able to hold the reigns! Thank you so very much for reading my words. Blessings to you ‘Down Under.’

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  2. Such gorgeous photos, Kim. I love seeing things through my kids’ eyes and hearing them talk to their friends. My latest development is listening to the girls in my son’s class at high school talking in the waiting room at dancing. They have no awareness of being in a public place and the Mums are somehow invisible. I pick up on some interesting stuff there. They talk about their parents etc and I do pick up a few tips.
    I’ll have to try to remember to show my daughter your horse photos. She’ll love them!
    xx Rowena

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    • Oh, I can only imagine what is said by teens, these days!!! To be ‘a fly on the wall,’ so to speak. Yes, please share the horse photographs. I love them as much as anyone. Started riding when I was a young girl too. 🙂

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      • Yes, showed my daughter the horse photos. She’s having a day in her own space, which is good in a way as I do need a breather. The kids are on school holidays and my son is off sailing. Miss is now skyping to her best friend. She lives about an hour away so not easy to get them together in the holidays.
        What I found interesting about my last session with the teens, was how they were talking about how their parents didn’t support their dancing. These girls are about 13 and in dance team and I think they spend Saturdays dancing. They’re now on pointe so it has become quite serious. I love watching them dance but at the more casual mid year concert, I don’t think most of their parents were there and as much as we think our kids are growing up, they still want us around. Not in their face, but around. My son asked my husband to stay and watch him sail this morning. They don’t want to feel like they’ve been left in a cupboard…even if they do disappear into their rooms behind closed doors. Talk about complicated!
        I did a bit of horse riding as a young girl. We lived on five acres for a few years back in the 70’s. My dad was doing that whole tree change thing. We lasted out there for 2.5 years before mum pulled the plug. We were back to suburbia and her friends.

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      • Ahhh…youth in the ‘old’ days! So free with much more innocence. Much more time to let our imaginations flow back then without being tethered to technology. Wonderful weekend to you, Rowena!

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