“My Angel”

My father lost his beloved wife, Eileen on Monday evening after a four-month battle with cancer.

About two weeks ago, I was able to speak to her over the phone. “Your father has been my angel,” she said.

Last evening, again on the telephone, my father asked for my help in preparing Eileen’s memorial brochure for the funeral service. Even though I’ll be in Phoenix later today, he needed to get started on the information immediately. So, I sent him a photograph that I took last year at 5:30 in the morning while visiting the two of them.

As I forwarded the photo on to my father, I mentioned to him that it might be appropriate for someplace in Eileen’s memorial. I remember how she loved it so.  To me, it symbolizes Heaven, with the clouds above appearing to look like angel wings. My father agreed.

“I called her my Angel,” he cried through tears.

How ironic. Two Angels. One on earth and now one in Heaven above.

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…

Philippians 1:3

33 thoughts on ““My Angel”

    • It helps a great deal to ‘share’ my feelings. Thank you for reading, Michelle. My father has asked me to write a poem to accompany the photograph, so that’s what I’m working on while traveling. 🙏🏻


    • Thank you, Dan. It’s so hard to mourn what might have been. If only they could have had a few good years of married life together? Like all newly married couples, they had many plans and dreams. Still, my father thanks God for the time he did have his, “Angel.” Blessings, Dan. Enjoy each day!

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    • Thank you, Ginny, and bless you for your thoughtfulness. Talked into the wee hours of the morning (last night) with my father, who’s strength and faith are insurmountable. Somehow, he comforts each and everyone else. Who does that???


  1. Kim I just saw your post, I didn’t know Eileen has passed – many heartfelt thoughts and prayers for your dad and your family. Please email me memorial information . I will
    Pass it on to my siblings. God bless.

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  2. “On the earth the broken arcs; in the heaven, a perfect round”, said the poet. The facets of beauty seen on earth may be too brief and merely pieces of a greater whole. Here is hoping, Kim, that it finds fuller expression in heaven, which may be some place up there or another life here on earth.

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    • Always and forever, beautiful prose to fill my heart. A tear from my eye at your beautiful words, Raj which light my morning . Yes, new life abounds. Thank you for such a comment, one to make me me pause and bring me peace. Blessings, Raj.

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