Smorgasbord Health – New Series – Women’s and Men’s Health Revisited for the next Ten weeks.

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Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

smorgasbord health

A year ago in July 2015 through to the September I focused on the differences between men and women as far as health issues went.  I was delighted to have some wonderful guest posts from people who had experienced health problems that were both inspiring and very informative.

I want to republish those posts over the next ten weeks as there is now a wider audience of readers who might find them helpful if facing their own health issues. Also it is a subject that bears repeating as we do tend to become complacent and feel that ‘it will never happen to me’ 

There are many tests that you can take advantage of in the European health system for free and there are also home tests available that you can take regularly to keep an eye on your body’s well-being. Getting an early diagnosis can make the difference between life…

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