Save a Child Today

Indeed, one of the most horrible of all Chronic Conditions, if you will is perhaps Child Sexual Abuse.

Although I am in the midst of relocating, together with all that it entails: sorting, packing, boxing items for selling and hauling, etc., I discovered a most important post Reblogged a couple of years ago. Definitely worth repeating as sadly, child sexual abuse is never-ending.

Together, let’s speak for little voices who are silenced by brainwashing or fear. Believe in what you may see or feel, the goosebumps prickling at the back of your neck together with your inner instincts that may gnaw at the pit of your stomach. When something does not appear quite right there is usually a reason.

Save a child today.

Link to "Five Common Characteristics of Child Sexual Offenders: Eliminating the Edge"

Boz Tchividjian – a former child abuse chief prosecutor and the founder/director ofGRACE – expounds upon five of the most common characteristics of child predators (linked above):

1. Offenders may have many victims.

2. Offenders can be the most unsuspected people.

3. Offenders are not strangers.

4. Offenders often prey upon trusting and vulnerable young people.

5. Offenders minimize their criminal actions [i.e. victimize themselves].

For more from Boz Tchividjian, read “7 Ways to Welcome Abuse Survivors in Our Churches”

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Boz Tchividjian

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