Through the Looking Glass

Faces are hidden in a mirror

Far below a peaceful bridge

Masked among nature’s beauty.


Fallen through the looking-glass

Eyes serene, soft of green

With voices, that whisper our way.


Fingers of leaves brush nearby branches

Grasping hands regardless of color

Hear the wails within the wind?


Gaze beneath still waters

Where all of life coexist, do you see?

Why not us? Can’t we try? I wonder why?


Look closing to see mirrored images

Cup your ear to hear what they say



Our hearts appear within the looking-glass

Beating proudly for all mankind

Future reflections of what may be?


Lying beneath a peaceful bridge

Eyes serene, soft of green

With voices, that whisper our way.






19 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

  1. Lovely thoughts. If only it could be that way in our world today. I feel like we’re living back in the sixties again, only this time the violence is far greater. Your poem creates a feeling of peace. Thanks!

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    • Such a kind, kind, tribute to my words, Ian. Tears this morning as I so wish for peace in this world. I captured this picture on a nature walk, standing on a bridge high above the water below. It wasn’t until afterward that I saw the ‘hearts’ in the middle, right after a policeman was shot in the back here in St. Louis. So very difficult this world we live in. Bless you.

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