A Soldier’s Boots

Please help bring me back

Pink eraser to wipe away pain in my head

Untie laces of dusty brown from sandy boots on feet

Remove them one by one to stroke white of limbs


Hold fingerless hand while stroking healing scars

Kiss my cheek with warm gentle lips

Like an angel’s light warm so bright

I’m more than a uniform of flesh and bones


Look at me and you may see what I used to be

I was your neighbor next door

A father or mother, a husband or wife

A sister or brother, an uncle or aunt, a cousin or friend


People loved me

Yes, I used to feel real…

With a body that moved this way and that

Before these sandy boots on my feet


I laughed and joked

Sat in the grass to play with my kids

Skipped in bare feet near the ocean so blue

Walked to the store or drove a car


Shared picnics in tall grass, played sports at the park

No panic attacks or tremors way back

Never afraid of the dark or sounds of lighting storms

No sleep in my head since sandy boots on my feet


Fear of bad dreams, flashbacks with sweats

Blood of red, children dying, tears on my face, I can’t stop crying

Screams of silence, guns and violence

Take me away, end the pain


Stop me now, I beg of you

Lend me your hand to pray with me


Hope arises to see all ahead

To be free again I must be strong

The boots on my feet I wear no more

I”ve left the sandy soles near the ocean shore

*In dedication to all of America’s devoted soldiers who serve our country day after day after day in the name of freedom.

I thank you more than you’ll every know. Wishing all and everyone a Happy Memorial Day!


**Photographs courtesy of Google Chrome

49 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Boots

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    • Oh, Patricia, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. My brother still suffers from PTSD. We must never forget to honor the brave men and women who selfishly protect us. God bless your grandson, Patricia.


  2. Reblogged this on BOOK CHAT and commented:
    Please visit Kim Gosselin’s blog to read this very moving and heartfelt poem written in honor of those who have stood in harms way to protect this great land of ours and it’s people.

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  4. Thank you for these beautiful words. So many lost, so many hurt, so many families left to cry. Thank you for honoring the many, the fallen, the damaged. Remember why there’s a Memorial Day. That none ever forget.

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    • Elizabeth, tears in reading your comment to me. I had not planned on writing these words, suddenly they appeared. Yes, the true meaning of Memorial Day. Thank you, Elizabeth.


  5. Thank you for supporting soldiers in your Country. I am a German Soldier and we don´t get much Support from our People. I opened a new Blog to tell people about my experience and I am happy, if you want to follow me. Thank you.

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