As Long As You Both Shall Live….

“As long as you both shall live.”

*Those are the last words I remember hearing thirty years ago today, May 19, 1984. A few seconds later, I smiled beaming with the words, “I do. Although only a step or two away from me, the minister’s gravelly voice seemed to echo from far, far away. Off in the distance….perhaps bouncing off trees in a lush forest land.

At the time, I had eyes and ears only for the husband to be. There he stood, facing me. His green eyes pierced the blue of my own while he gripped my hands, squeezing them. It was his signal before God that we would always be together. My soon-to-be husband would take care of me, protect me, love me, and be loyal and true. Thirty years later he has proven this together with much more good than I ever imagined.

On our beautiful, warm wedding day in May, the two of us had no idea where the road of life would lead. A fantasy land we did not expect. Nor, the reality we ended up living. Still, neither of us would change a thing. In the end, we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

When families raise a chronically ill child, there is a 75% or greater chance the marriage will end in divorce. My husband and I raised two children living with chronic conditions. Both were diagnosed at very young ages within six months of each other. Our odds of divorcing might have increased a bit at that point…

My husband traveled a minimum of 120 nights a year over a 20 year period as a district manager for an eye care company. He loved his job while I loved it for him. Still, it took a toll on the two of us. When the days and nights were added up, seven years of our marriage were spent apart from one another. I often resented him for being away, while he often resented me for being able to stay. Eventually, we both had breaking points.

When needed, my husband was there for me, taking a short leave of  absence from work. He jumped right in, took care of our boys, washed clothes and even learned to cook! In return, I did the same for him when the time came. Isn’t that what couples do for one another? We sought outside help to work on our marriage…more than once. No, it wasn’t always easy. I guess that’s why it’s called work. But, early on, we decided our marriage was worth it….we were worth it. For our children, for our family, for the whole of us.

There are lessons learned that I’ll pass on to others now that I have the opportunity. Take time…any time for couplehood. A walk in the park, a cup of coffee or a simple hour to hold hands and talk. No, not about the kids! Do not lay blame…ever! It’s okay to cry, go ahead and ask God, why? Find a church, ask for help, don’t be proud, seek support, tell a friend, and take a break for heaven’s sake!

Today as I celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary, I am thankful for the best husband one could ever wish for in life. I thank God for every hardship we ever endured, every lesson ever learned. How wonderful to have lived through ALL of the good times and the bad, the happy and the sad. We have such an enormous history together. Rich, full of memories and moments with more to come, God willing.

Happy Anniversary to my dear husband, with love, forever and always….

*Two years ago when I wrote this post originally, my husband and I were not able to officially celebrate our milestone anniversary. This year, we’re away for a few days, soaking up the sun and sand while celebrating 30 years + two! Blessings to all of you.


45 thoughts on “As Long As You Both Shall Live….

  1. Oh wow what a wonderful post and such a blessing! Marriage is probably the hardest relationship I have had and looking back I wish I would have known what Ruth Bater Ginsberg said about longevity of married, she said her mother in law told her on her wedding day the secret to a happy marriage is to become deaf. That is really good advice. I wish I had known that. I love these photos of you and Happy Anniversary. I love this! Such a beautiful example of love! ❤

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      • Thank you for reminding me of this and sharing such a sweet example of longevity in matti age. I come from a long line of folks married 60 and 50 years. Boy do my Aunties have some wisdom to share with me. 💕

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      • Smiling to read this comment, Michelle. Please sit down with them to tape their experiences, thoughts and feelings. One day you will listen to their treasured voices to pass on such generational gifts. ❤️🙏🏻 Thank you, Michelle. Wonderful weekend blessings.


  2. You were a beautiful bride. You are so fortunate to have 30 years of togetherness.

    I work with people who have developmental disabilities. This is not always the case, but as a general rule, I noticed that people who seem to stay together when a child with a chronic condition is born to them have a deep faith in a higher power.

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    • So sweet your compliment! Yes, I believe you are right…and faith deepens over time. It is such a saving grace in life, a life-line really. I have thanked God, over and over for my blessings. Never, do I take them for granted. 🙏🏻

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    • Grateful to have you here, Professor. Thank you for your time and anniversary wishes! A lifetime of stories within my head. Happy weekend to you. 😊


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