What Am I Feeling?

What am I feeling?

Shocked, thankful, emotional, teary, blessed, speechless, lucky, loved….

All of the above….and more.

With the slight move of a black computer mouse this morning, I  discovered a beautiful sticker in blue. A notification from WordPress of my 5ooth post.  The number….500 is a surprise. It stares back like a badge of honor, I suppose. And, although alone today, it’s already printed, carefully cut out, and posted proudly above my heart. Silly? Not to me.

Did I ever think of writing 500 posts? No, never, not in my wildest dreams. Still, it’s not the number that is most important. It’s the passion for writing together with YOU, the gift of readers.  At any given time on WordPress, I can sit down to tap letters upon a keyboard, knowing I’ll share words with an extended family of talented writers, and readers. I am forever grateful.

Thank you to each and everyone for reading even a single letter of my writing at Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons. Time is a precious commodity of which there is less than the day before. This thought rarely leaves my mind. Some of you have been here since my very first post, others stop by if possible while new friends may just beginning to pop in. The point is, I truly appreciate your time in reading my words, whenever that may be.

What am I feeling? Shocked, thankful, emotional, teary, blessed, speechless, lucky, loved….

All of the above…and more.





25 thoughts on “What Am I Feeling?

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    • Dear Belinda, I opened my comments to see your lovely face, and quickly went over to catch up with your blog before reading your words. I’ve been so far behind. Lovely posts you had on your site. All to the heart and soul. Your comment came to me at exactly the right time. I’m a bit depressed, clearing out my house in order to down-size. My life is wrapped up to be split and sold among tables to strangers. An ‘estate’sale while I’m still alive…. Anyway, your words perked me up, made me smile too, and are helping me dig down towards the next box. A post to come, I’m sure. Hoping I’ll somehow find hidden hope and inspiration once I get going with it. Thank you, Belinda, for your beautiful comment to me, together with all that you are, the very best in life, full of goodness and caring for others. I thank God for you and all of my WordPress family!

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      • I am very open about my feelings and not shy to say, you often bring me to tears. There is just so much kindness and love in your being, I consider myself blessed to have connected with you here. Life brings so many changes moment by moment, and the saving grace is that we are never alone, I am thankful for your hand of friendship and inspiration, you offer hope and faith in the essence of your being. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling with downsizing, but I believe firmly, that those whose hearts your things find their way into, will be blessed, because your positive energy is going to ripple and touch their hearts. Strangers for a moment, but even in a single interaction, you never know what kind of affect you will have on their lives, and I imagine it a blessing for them, just because of all you present yourself to be here. You truly are an incredible being. Lots of love, Belinda.

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      • Crying now, simply speechless at your beautiful words, Belinda, of which I am so very humbled. You truly are a remarkable blessing to me, and I am more than thankful. Perhaps I’m too sentimental, saving little bits and pieces of life that I’ve carried with me for 25 years? A tiny ‘cup’ made of clay, it’s handle crooked, or the first book that my son ever ‘wrote’ in kindergarten…hand-made Christmas ornaments with elementary school pictures plus Mother’s Day poems written on paper lace. I’m going from a large home with a basement to a small home without one. No place to store memories except my mind. You’ve helped so much with your giving heart. A peaceful feeling to read your words of support, encouragement and faith. I know once I’m actually living the next chapter of my life, things will be looking up. Many blessings to you with much love
        from my inner being.

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      • Being sentimental is a beautiful attribute my friend. Through changes in my personal circumstances, I have been forced to part with many physical things, that said, here’s what I did, maybe it can help. I took pictures of things and made a collage scrapbook, because we are only human, and as such, we reach for tangible things, no different than the physical contact of a hug, it’s in our nature I think. I pray happy memories surround you to make it all easier. Yes, more chapters to come and memories to make, huge smiles. Blessings and love, and always listening ears of a friend. 🙂

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      • What a fantastic idea, Belinda! I am gasping at this wonderful solution. A Saint you must surely be, no question at least to me. Tomorrow between sorting and packing, I will be snapping away with a smile on my face. Much love, warm hugs , and tremendous gratitude. Such a special person you are, a gift to me. ❤️

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    • Thank you, Dan. You are a terrific friend. I don’t get to your site nearly as often as I’d like. Many thanks for your loyalty. I’m trying to simplify things in order to read more often, which I dearly love. Blessings to you, Dan.

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