Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 23-Season

Well, I’ve never taken part in a photo challenge before, but here goes. Flower Power! *photographs copyright kimgosselin

Our good friend Hugh Roberts, of, always sets the bar high. Never-the-less, I’m giving it a go. Most of you have probably seen these photographs since I’m enthralled with flowers and nature. Still, I beg of you not to be bored and ask you to please take another look.

This sunflower is one of my favorite pictures ever snapped with a trusty I-Phone 6.flower single yellow daisy zoom awesome

Of course, the bright pink flower below started speaking to me the moment I spotted her from the corner of my eye. Bees buzzed all around her until the perfect moment when I was able to capture them both.flower bee botanical


And, a menagerie of all the rest. It was a perfect day spent at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. Each and every time, there is something beautiful to see!

38 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 23-Season

  1. Hello, Kim. Apologies for the delay in responding to your entry for this week’s challenge, but I’ve moved house this week! However, I’m catching up now.
    These are lovely photos. Great to see they were all taken on an iPhone 6. I think it has a great little camera (that’s why I use the same). 😀

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    • Thank you so very much, Leigh. I spent my entire Mother’s Day at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, yesterday. Such a lovely day! If I ever get the time today, I’m going to post an entire slide show of floral photographs. The most gorgeous flowers were in bloom. I could have slept over night! 🙂

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