Advice for Caregivers: How to Know if Your Senior Loved One is Depressed – By Jim Vogel facts to know about Depression in Seniors written by, Jim Vogel at the Kindness Blog.

Kindness Blog

Depression is an illness affecting the body, mood, thoughts, sleep, and more. While we may think that it is normal for seniors to feel the blues, it is not.

Depression is a mental health issue that should be diagnosed and treated in seniors, just as it is for younger people. Because depression affects approximately seven million Americans age 65 and older, it is critical that caregivers know the signs and symptoms of depression in the elderly and get their senior loved ones the help they deserve.

Certain Groups of Seniors are at a Higher Risk of Being Depressed

Depression in seniors often goes unrecognized or mistaken for another condition. But, caregivers are in a better position of being able to know if their senior loved one is depressed if they know which seniors are at a higher risk of being depressed.

If your loved one resides in the hospital, receives…

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