The Reminder

trees purple

Early this morning, with hooded lids open in the dark before dawn, I lay in my bed to sounds of a bird chirping outside my window blinds. Lyrics of nature welcomed me to a brand new day.

Dropping paperwork to the top of my desk, I strolled outside with a cup of coffee. Sun splashed to warm my face as I sunk deep, deeper still into the middle of an old foam patio chair. Soon, I felt as though I’d be swallowed up, but I did not care. This was the first of the season. Cushions cuddled me like a babe in the womb, making me feel safe and secure all around.

New neighbors seen moving into bird houses a few weeks earlier flit and flew back and forth between feeders, gathering seed. The sky was painted in royal blue with not a cloud floating by. Twinkling chimes hung from trees ready to bloom near others that were already full and flowered in lavender or cream. I closed my eyes to imagine the tranquility within. It had been a rough go of it since Easter.

My dear father who I have so often written about had found new love again after losing my mother to a long battle with cancer five years ago. As with any blending of families, even adults far apart, there were a few minor adjustments it seemed. Yet, my siblings and I were so very happy for our father. To think he had a second chance in life! There was a smile on his face again, a new step in his stride, and although he was hesitant to begin anew, he finally found the courage by eloping on March 11th. A ‘wedding party’ is scheduled in Arizona on April 23rd.

Sixteen days ago, on March 27, Easter Sunday, my dad’s new bride, Eileen was admitted to ER where she was diagnosed with cancer. My father, of course, is in a state of shock. When all test results came back last Friday, the unbelievable. His wife of three weeks has a very aggressive form of cancer that has spread throughout her body. Last night, it was nearly touch and go.

It’s difficult to concentrate on work these days. My heart aches for Eileen’s physical pain together with the emotional pain of my father. How can life be so unfair? The house they had planned to move into sits empty and waiting…for what?  I feel helpless, but each and every day I send my father messages of support together with pictures of inspiration and encouragement.  He knows that I will be in Arizona together with all of my siblings on April 23rd.

I’m thanking God for nature together with the sweet sounds of the birds today. I’ve been slapped in the face with mortality together with the gift of life. Definitely, not the first time. Perhaps it’s another reminder?

Maybe I’ll sit slumped in this patio chair for the rest of the week…

Blessings to All.


14 thoughts on “The Reminder

  1. I’m so sorry, Kate. I just received news that a lifelong friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is a strong Christian with a very positive attitude, but still it seems so unfair. My daughter’s mother in law is suffering through chemo for breast cancer. So many of my friends are experiencing illness or death. At least we have the assurance that we will all be together again in a perfect life. Some days I’d like to just sink into a comfy chair and forget about all of it for just a minute. Prayers coming your way.

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    • Mark, thank you so very much. Tearing up with every comment, but each and every one brings me peace too. I don’t don’t know what I would do without all of you here. Bless you.


  2. Oh Kim, I am sorry for your father’s bitter and sweet demise. This is awful for him and Eileen, but I know how hard it can also be on the rest of the family while worrying about what your dad is going through with his new bride.
    Sending you and yours prayers for healing and peace. xo ❤

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    • Thank you, Debby. It makes it hard to concentrate with my father so far away. I am the oldest of five so they all turn to me for answers that I don’t have…even my father. I’ll see him in about ten days, and it will feel so good! Thank you for your prayers.

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      • I feel for you Kim. I’m also the oldest of 4. I’ve been the glue for us since childhood. We wear very big shoes! I can only imagine how hard it is for you, worrying from afar. I worry about my husband every day and he is right here with me.
        Wishing you peace and love. ❤

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      • I should not complain when others like you are struggling equally or more so. My thoughts and prayers sent your way, Debby as I thank you with my heart. 🙏🏻❤️

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      • You’re not complaining. Sometimes it’s just nice to share our thoughts. We all have our own strife, albeit in different ways. This is why we have such a wonderful community to share our thoughts and feelings with. ❤

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