Sweet Bunny of Brown

Bunny of brown hopping through grasses of tall and green

Darting about stopping to munch his lunch.

Children at play point fingers his way

“Look,” they say!

Bunny of brown is fearful now hiding behind bushes near.

Toes of ten stuck on little feet skip loose around each bend

Hoping to catch a closer look of fur so soft with tail of white.

“If only to touch for one second in life, feelings of soft dreamy delight!”

Bunny of brown hiding under tree of pine where needles have fallen to the ground

With eyes of coffee watching carefully while ears twitch ever so slight.

Vibrations felt, grasses bend, toddlers and tots inch far too close

Bunny of brown jumping up and down hopping closer to its home.

Free at last hiding in his mother’s nest

Taking time to finally rest.

Yes, my sweet Bunny of Brown.

 *photos courtesy of Google Chrome

16 thoughts on “Sweet Bunny of Brown

  1. Hi Kim I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I came here through Alisa Blog I just followed her too 😉 you two had a beautiful collaboration with your lovely recent book! Congratulations! I loved to read about it and I watched the cute trailer! My name is Carolina I am an artist designer I create unique Jewelry inspired by nature. I express my creativity in many ways and with several mediums. My art extends to watercolor painting, illustration, fashion design, photography, digital art, poetry and more. I hope that sometimes you will visit my Blog at yesterdayafter.com it would be great to be connected! I love to interact with other artists and creative minds. I loved to read your post “Sweet bunny of brown” I love bunnies I have a Dutch Bunny and he is adorable! 😉


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