Special One

Baby Born with Down SyndromeThere you are sleepy almond eyes of greenish-blue,

Fluttering chocolate lashes long peeking up at me.

Yes, I’m your Mama with captured heart whisked away.

Cozy, swaddled in a warm blanket of softest touch.

Underneath I’ve counted, 1 to 10 on each fragile foot and chubby fist

Doctor, don’t you see my perfect baby cradled in my weary arms?

Brushing his angel face of pinkish warm next to mine

Glimpsing downy dampness under striped cap on top of soft

Watching precious newborn’s chest rising up and down

So shallow to my ear I’m bending down

To catch spittle of next hush-a-bye breath

Do you hear my heart beating, brimming overwhelming love?

Like a waterfall rushing over mountain rocks…..it’s surging solid strength

Rolling word on silent tongue…Mother, Madre, Mama that’s me

Oh, the sound so lyrical to my head, ears are dancing new lullabies

On my chest this feeling of bliss is unsurpassed

Grab my finger hold it tight, please God let me savor specialness

From now until the end of time this moment will remain deep within

For I have a special need within my heart and soul

To have you for my child, to be your mother today, tomorrow and the next

Yes, on this first day of your life

Together with the whole of my lifetime too

I am blessed to be your mother, thanking God for you.


In Honor of World Down Syndrome Day










*Photos courtesy of Google Chrome

4 thoughts on “Special One

    • Thank you for reading, and commenting with you beautiful your words, David. Bless you for sending them to me. There is nothing more profound than the love and bond between a mother and child.

      Liked by 1 person

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