22 thoughts on “Becoming A Grandparent

    • A birthday gift to myself today, Annette. Nothing more in life I could ever hope to receive. Tears in my eyes to look at them, to know they are even a breath of me; a glance of their eyes or a cock of silly grins. I am so very, very blessed. Much love to you, Annette. It’s your angels that have blessed me along the way. I do believe…..

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  1. Such a beautiful birthday gift of five-some. In a few years, they will be strutting around as several Aphrodite and Adonis, as sweet reminders of their personable grandmother. In becoming a grandparent, Kim, you have grown, not to become old but to cross beauty’s frontier.. Be beautiful.

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  2. A beautiful picture Kim. I find that growing older is like having a childhood where you know the consequences in advance.You can do all the fun things in play without getting into trouble.
    xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxx

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    • Like looking into a crystal ball, David. You have said it exactly right!!! We have a second chance on childhood through our grandchildren, don’t we? I love you for this! Thank you so much, David. Have a terrific weekend! Blessings Dear Friend. 🙂

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