The Gift of Life


3d-abstract_other_glorious-day_38750Organ Transplants…The Gift of Life

I promise this post won’t be filled with quoted statistics to bore you. I have no desire to waste your time with troubling news. I simply wish to write from my heart in order to share something good and positive. Something that changes lives. Something that you can even do. Do you believe me?

Last week, one of my younger cousins, a fraternal twin, and a member of my great big extended family, underwent a liver transplant due to a heredity condition. He lived with this rare, hidden Chronic Condition for years without a single problem. Indeed, he was not even aware of it until it reared its ugly head. Unfortunately, many Chronic Conditions are like this…..

A couple of years ago, subtle changes whispered from deep within my cousin’s unseen walls, nagging him until he needed to find out what they were. Shockingly, he lived with a heredity liver disease. Doctor’s tried many things to keep his liver running smoothly. For a while, things seemed to work. In fact, my cousin lived with his Chronic Condition for quite some time. But, in the end, a liver transplant was his only option.

My cousin has a big family, a loving wife together with grown children who are graduating from college. Others are getting married and starting life anew. My cousin wants to be a part of this. It’s his family, after all! While on the national transplant list, together, they hoped and prayed and waited. Finally, in the wee hours of last Tuesday morning, words came they all had prayed for. “We have the perfect match for you!”

A week ago today. In spite of thirteen hours of surgery not without complications, followed by more surgery, my cousin’s new liver is functioning exactly the way it should be! A miracle to me. His skin is pink again and he smiles with thankfulness at all life has to offer. He wouldn’t trade a single second of yesterday, today, or tomorrow for what the future may hold. To hold the hands of his wife or children sitting by his side are gifts beyond measure. A single kiss from their lips or gentle brushes of fingertips wiping away tears of happiness are blessings from God.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my cousin’s donor family, to pray for them together with their lost loved one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unselfishness during an unspeakable time of grief and pain. You’ve given our family the Gift of Life.

To all of those who are reading this post, please consider signing the back of your driver’s license, allowing donation of your organs. Speak to your loved ones to let them know of your wishes in advance. It’s a simple thing really. A signature on a blank line with the ink of a pen. And yet, it’s the most unselfish thing you’ll ever do.

Think about it. To give someone…not just one person in the whole of this world, but an entire extended family, a second chance to live their lives. Yes, The Gift of Life!

Thank you.

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11 thoughts on “The Gift of Life

    • Thank you so very much, Patricia. Blessed to read that you are signed up to be an organ donor. Such a gift to others in life. Where can I send a message to to you?


  1. So good to hear how the liver transplant has changed your cousin’s life. I thought you and your family would appreciate a recent kidney transplant marathon which took place in Australia. To overcome the problem of family members being incompatible, they’ve pooled people and done a kidney exchange. Here’s the story:
    I have fibrosis in my lungs but a transplant isn’t really an option so I’m working hard to keep the lungs I have. Actually, I’m not working as hard as I was. I’ve slacked off recently. Much easier to be motivated when you’re not well
    Not sure if you saw a flash fiction I wrote about living with chronic illness: “The Itis”
    Take care and best wishes,

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    • Thank you for sending me the link to the kidney exchange. What a marvelous program! I truly enjoyed reading about it and hope it catches on to travel all over the world! I’m so sorry about your lungs, Ro, together with all of your other chronic illness conditions. Not fair, and they started so soon after becoming a mother! A wonderful “Monster” story you wrote, as just finished reading it. Yes, so many kinds of ‘monsters’ lurking among us. We often forget the worst of the worst. Bless you for sharing.


  2. An absolutely Beautiful post, excellent outcome, which I am sure was also through the support of a Loving and Caring Family. The gift from the Donor is a Treasure, a Treasure we should all consider as you say, in becoming a Donor. A Beautiful endearing and well written insight into the Loving World of your Family.

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    • Thank you for reading, Ian. I hesitated to share, for fear it was too personal, but I’m hoping to raise awareness. Even if one person becomes a donor it will be worth it. Blessings to you.

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  3. We’ve adopted the approach here that you are a donor unless you’ve specifically opted out rather than you’ve signed up to be one. That increases the chances of finding a donor and also means surgeons can work quicker without having to find the donors family for permission if they don’t carry a card.
    I’m happy for anything useful to be taken and used if it will help someone else.
    I’m glad your cousin is doing so well now Kim.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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    • Oh, David, I am thrilled to read of this from you. THANK YOU for sharing! I had no idea. How marvelous. So much waste when others can live….Bless you, David for reading and making my day!! I can’t wait to shout this to the world. Love and more love to you!!!

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