What Word Lies in A Bloom?

My garden is beginning to bloom again

With sprouts of celery green bursting forth

Upward through the ground

Of rock and clay in covered red.

Shades of weathered brown were all around,

Chocolate and cocoa colors

Muffin tops of snow cakes swallowed yesterday.

Showers fell from sky of royal blue above

Weeping and seeping

Opening a seasoned curtain of spring splendor.

Forces of nature pushed them from far below

“Up, up, up, it’s time for you to go…”

Soon blossoms of buttercup yellow

Will open mouths to say, “Hello.”

9 thoughts on “What Word Lies in A Bloom?

    • Oh, Dan, soon they will all be sprouting up! So special to see their little head poking through the ground! Breathing fresh air once again! Thank you so much for being here, Dan. Spring blessings to you and yours.

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