It’s Official!

Babies of Two are now in PRINT!

Yes, it’s true what they say about delivering two babies instead of one. The labor is much more intensive! In spite of their mother’s wishes, these wee newborns had minds of their own, deciding the exact moment when they would be depicted on paper pages for all the word to see. No, not even knew for sure when Mollie and Maddie would arrive! But, today is officially their birthday in public print!

As a proud ‘Mama,’ I am sharing this official news with all who may love and care for them, together with my partner, Alisa Belzil. She too had an enormous part in bringing the twins into the world.

Yes, we carried them in the big of our bellies, but now both bundles are ready to be diapered and weighed, bottled and bathed.

Please love them with the whole of your hearts. Cuddle them close before sharing them with children and families everywhere.

Thank you so very much for your support.

***Special Kindle match price of only $1.99 with the purchase of the print edition at $9.95/


*I have twenty copies of Babies of Two that I am giving away FREE if you are a Twin Blogger or Children’s Book Reviewer. Please email your request to Please include all pertinent information including name, address, email address and blog link, etc.

36 thoughts on “It’s Official!

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    • I don’t know what happened…No matter, Annette. You know my feelings toward such a sweet soul! Thank you always and forever! No better God-Mother could ever have been chosen. Two, lucky baby girls!

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  3. I was married to a twin (a not good man) who i divorced, then I met my beautiful present husband to find he was a twin also (but he is a very good man). What are the chances of marrying two people in a life time and both were twins? My nephew and his wife have three year old twins. Well i’d love to win your books if my twinning qualifies. I would love to review your books for you, I do a little proof reading between writing. Well that’s my pitch, and either way Good luck and I hope you dont have too many sleepless nights.

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    • Ellen, how ironic to have all of those TWINS in your life!!!! So happy for you regarding your second love…And the other little twins in your life. Please send me your address, I’ll see how many copies I have to stretch….You certainly have a great pitch! 🙂 🙂

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  4. Thanks for your like on my blog–how exciting to ‘birth’ your new book! Congratulations!! I love reading books about twins. I will email you for a review copy if you still have any. 🙂

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