Sweet Innocence

Grace in Pink Coak


My grand-daughter is one of the greatest gifts to me,

A tender child of sweet innocence.

She reads books in make-believe languages,

Sounding out words in lilting voices while blowing kisses into air.

She smells perfume in buttered flowers scattered where others view weeds,

Chasing butterflies within fields where moths often fly.

She sees worms on warm sidewalks wiggling with wonder,

Grown-ups step purposely, never asking themselves, “why?”

She lifts miniature  hands high in the sky reaching for magic snowflakes,

Hoping they’ll be here tomorrow and the next day and the next…


She hears blue birds singing precious melodies,  

Others couldn’t care less.

She finds treasures in broken twigs or shimmering rocks resting in shallow ponds, 

No one else thinks twice about.

Each and every day brings brand new joy for her,

Spilling over with love, enough to tip a pot of paint.

I can’t believe my luck,

To share this gift from God above.

If I could make one simple wish upon a star for her,

It would be to keep her sweet innocence forever and a day or more….

20 thoughts on “Sweet Innocence

  1. You know, I believe our parents had such a wish for us when we were so small; that our innocence would not fade away or disappear, and our grandparents had such a wish for our parents. But I also believe they knew that it was only wish; that maturing brings about changes that would influence us and take away our innocence. That is why prayer is so important. So pray that your grandchild will not let her heart be harden by the world.

    That’s a beautiful picture.


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    • Pat, how beautiful you write. It is with tears in my eyes that sadly, I believe your words. How badly I wish I could save her youth, stop all harm that may taint her innocence. Yes, I do pray, long and hard for this child of wonder in my eyes. Never will I stop. Thank you so for reading, Pat. Much love with blessings to you.


  2. Oh the innocence of a child!!! To be so free as an adult. To find that wonder and awe again!! That is my quest! Your grand-daughter is just precious!!! Her picture brought tears to my eyes!!! ❤


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