Spring is Near!

Snow is melting around my home. Grasses, drab in textures and colors of variegated straw have sprouted in fresh cool green. Soft beneath bare feet while tickling beneath ten toes. Gazing at pavers of my red brick patio, clear water trickles ever so slowly toward smooth and speckled pebbles of several dormant fountains. Before long, century old rocks, nubby and gnarled will splish-splash, reaching toward the heavens of a bright blue sky. Together, they will roar fresh melodies, those of a new season for all to hear.

Spring is near!



10 thoughts on “Spring is Near!

  1. We are still blanketed in white over our green, however, I know this is winter’s right and I do not wish it away. (that being said, I would not be angry should it melt and be gone) 😉

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