Hughes Photo Challenge Week 13: Love!

As all of you know my life is blessed with love, particularly my grandbabies of five who are all under the age of four. My eldest is about to turn another milestone next month, with her baby brother not far behind. In celebration of all the tremendous love I have for each and every one of my dear and darling grandbabies,Β I’m sharing them with you. This year I will have a four-year-old, two 2-year-old’s, and Babies of Two who recently turned one! I LOVE them all to pieces.



22 thoughts on “Hughes Photo Challenge Week 13: Love!

  1. Well, I finally got here, Kim, and wow, what a great post to see. Beautiful, and I can so tell how much you love all these little ones.
    Thanks so much for not only joining in my weekly photo challenge, but for also sharing these wonderful photos with us.

    P.S – Why or why have I not been following your blog? I’ve no idea, but I’m about to πŸ˜€

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