Vintage Love…….

vin val coupe


And when I’m call’d on, and in open day,

To swear that true is false, and yea is nay,

And know I’m in a lie, and yet go through it,

By all that’s blest I own I cannot do it.

Let me but feel me buckled for the right,

And come a world in arms, I’m still a knight:

But give my foe the truth, and me the fraud,

And the pale scholar of the priest is awed.”

   “Say not the word,” the hasty fair one cried:

“I see it all, and wish I might have died.

Go sir, oh go!! a soldier and afraid!

Was it for this you lov’d a trusting maid?

Your presence kills me, Sir, with shame and grief.”-

She said; and sunk in tears and handkerchief.

  “Ah, Mabel,” said the knight, as with a kiss

He bow’d on her dropp’d head, “you’ll mourn for this.”

He look’d upon her glossy locks, admire’d

Their gentleness for once, and with a sigh retir’d.

                                      —-from “The Gentle Armour.”

Poem by Leigh Hunt

Excerpt from Love Poems of Browning & Hunt, Published by The Dodge Publishing Company, 40 West Thirteenth Street, New York, New York. Copyright 1902

*photo courtesy of Google Chrome, Vintage Valentine Cards.





2 thoughts on “Vintage Love…….

    • I hadn’t looked at this original book in years, David. Thought it was an appropriate time to bring it down and dust it off the shelf. Thanks for allowing me to share it with you. Amazing how they published books back then! 🙂

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