Tangible Time

Hourglass handQuiet in my office space today except for the sound of clothes tumbling in a dryer a few rooms away. Things to get done before I’m on my way. Off to visit my father in Arizona tomorrow. Yes, leaving on an old familiar jet plane to soar above into a golden setting sun off the tips of shiny silver wings.

So much to do with extra excitement too. Lots of relatives to visit during my brief stay among the tall green saguaros within a painted desert land. My precious father of course, together with my father-in-law and my dearest great-aunt. In addition, I look forward to seeing three of my siblings and other relatives who live nearby. My husband and I will be very busy!

My great-aunt, who I love so very much is not doing well. She hasn’t been for quite some time. Now blind from her own Chronic Condition of Glaucoma, she’s not able to telephone me anymore. How I miss our giggling chats! I’ve written about her before, once on New Year’s Eve http://wp.me/p41md8-Uo , and it wasn’t long ago that I scooped her up for a visit to St. Louis. But, even then, I knew she would probably never be coming back.

I will treasure my Arizona memories perhaps like never before. Besides squeezing a frail hand of my precious great-aunt, the touch of my father and father-in-law will feel differently this time. The warmth of their skin will be soaked like a sponge, their hugs imprinted for only me to see. Time has become tangible as I feel my loved ones aging closer toward Heaven.


The Gift of An Unexpected Day

Oh to cluster sands of coral within an hourglass of time

Seconds trickle silently

Speck by speck, grain by grain

Falling through clear 

Dropping one by one

Ever s-l-o-w-l-y not to hear

Reaching bottom

Single seconds drifting into precious minutes

Until the gift of another day may come my way

19 thoughts on “Tangible Time

    • Bless you, David. I fear in my heart this may be the last time I hold my great-aunt’s hand within my own. She know’s I’m on my way, though, so we’ll celebrate in some small way. So looking forward to seeing my family. I even think a Rodeo is planned! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Beautiful poem Kim. Enjoy your visit here in what has finally become sunny Arizona again. We’ve had the crazy weather, cold and rain all last week. It’s still unseasonably cool here low 60s by day, coats still at night. I’m waiting anxiously for the 70s to come back. 🙂

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  2. Kim, your trip is sounding almost like a pilgrimage in a way or perhaps not quite yet. My mum’s parents lived inter-state and there was always that emotional weight behind visits as their health clung on by single threads towards the end. The not knowing..That creates a tension all of its own. Your trip will inevitably be poignant and I hope all goes smoothly xx Rowena

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  3. This was a collection of beauty and light. I feel for you knowing how time is short and precious for those you love~ your father, great -aunt and father in law. They feel you holding on to them, comforted through knowing the depth of your love.
    Hope you get the giggles with your dear sweet great aunt and find other ways to keep connected to your father and father in law. Enjoy your trip, Kim.
    Special souls you will always have in your heart. ♡♡♡

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    • Thank you for this, sweet Robin. I just returned yesterday and am still processing it all. Some happy times, other sad. Then, there were moments that seemed to be in limbo. Not sure if or when I’ll be writing about any of them. 😦


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