What Teachers REALLY do

For my daughter-in-law and all teachers everywhere.



These days it has become common place to blame teachers for what is wrong in the schools. My oldest daughter is a teacher of special education. She is in a small town and she also has to do all the paper work and watches over the kids for field trips and on an everyday basis. She also does bus duty everyday morning and afternoons. She also teaches English as a second language at the local community education.

She has gotten her Masters’ Degree while working and has three children of her own. They are my three oldest grandchildren. I am proud of her but I know is stories of “a little boy or girl” whose parents just disappear for awhile. The little boy in a wheelchair whose school bus didn’t come for some reason. He was six years old and sat in his chair while it rained on him all…

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7 thoughts on “What Teachers REALLY do

    • It truly is amazing what teachers really do, isn’t it? They change lives, or I should say, MAKE lives. Thanks for reading, Annette. So happy to have found this post. I know my daughter-in-law works day and night in addition to being the very best wife to my son and most marvelous mother to my two grand-babies. The world is a better place because of her.

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  1. Great post from Barb. Teachers have somehow lost the praise that they once had, and many don’t realize how much some of these teachers have an impact on our lives. I still remember 2 teachers in particular, kindergarten and grade 2 who extended a helping hand and helping hearts while I was a small child, very nervous growing up in a dysfunct home. Some things we never forget. 🙂 ❤

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