Gifts of a New Year

 To All My Family of Readers:

I was about to click Publish for a new post today when a lovely friend on LinkedIn sent me a beautiful gift begging to be shared. Words of  this prayer touched me deeply as this too, is what I pray for within our brand new year. Immediately upon clicking the link below, the voice of an angel greeted me together with images surely only God could create.

With love and light I wish for you all gifts to be discovered within our blessed New Year.

Kim Gosselin



Thank you Lord for giving me

The brand new year ahead

Help me live the way I should

As each new day I tread.


Give me gentle wisdom

That I might help a friend

Give me strength and courage

So a shoulder I might lend.


The year ahead is empty

Help me fill it with good things

Each new day filled with joy

And the happiness it brings.


Please give the leaders of our world

A courage born of peace

That they might lead us gently

And all the fighting cease.


Please give to all upon this earth

A heart that’s filled with love

A gentle happy way to live

With Your blessings from above.

17 thoughts on “Gifts of a New Year

    • Blessings to my friend at LI who surprised me with such a gift. I am so happy to share it with you and all who take their valuable time to read and listen to it. Love and prayers to you in 2016, Michelle. Thank you for your loyalty. God Bless.


      • I’m wishing you more and more and success in 2016. I love your mission in life! I think it’s beautiful how you touched mine and my daughters and you didn’t even know it! ღ
        Oh something I wanted to ask…have you ever heard of someone going blind instantly? My daughter 7 weeks ago woke up and could not see in her right eye. She’s been tested for everything known to doctors and all they can come up with in optic neuritis which is inflammation of the optic nerve. They say this inflammation is causing her not to see. So I was wondering in all your research have you come across this? This is not a diabetic complication but a rare one and her doctors say wait. Meanwhile, my 22 year old daughter is blind in her right eye! So frustrating how doctors can be when they simply don’t know! ღ

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      • Dear Michelle: God always has his reasons, doesn’t He? You have made my day with your kindness more than you know, Michelle. Let me try to give you hope. My husband has been in the eye business for over 25 years and has seen your daughter’s condition before. Patience is a virtue. Your doctors are correct. It is like a pinched nerve in the eye, Michelle. Frustrating to be sure and I’m can imagine terrifying for you and your dear daughter. Please hang on to prayer and hope, for just as your daughter woke to blindness, with eyes of two, one day she will wake to see her mother’s face filled with love for her. My love and prayers to you both.

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      • Oh okay! Well Friday we go to Oklahoma city to the Dean McGee Eye Institute so I’m hopeful that we will get good news. Last time her doctor said that the swelling had gone down and he expects her eyesight to come back! I had a dream that she woke up seeing! So that’s my hope and prayer! I reminded God yesterday! I keep thanking him for it! Thank you for what you said! I think my mom heart needed that! Thank you Thank you! love and prayers to you for all your do and all the hearts you touch! You are such a blessing! ❤

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      • Bless you, Michelle. Keep praying. My husband and I both believe your daughter will see the world’s beauty soon again. Do not ever give up. We will keep praying too. Love to you and your daughter always. Kim

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    • I was blessed to receive this New Year prayer and compelled to share it with others. Thank you for reading together with your own gift of kindness to me. I will hold it close and treasure it the whole year through. Blessings to you.

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