Thanksgiving Peace

Traveling to South Carolina to visit family including my grand-Babies of Two, I pause to reflect on surroundings along the way.  There is much to be thankful for and I wish to share some of it with all of you.


Driving south on a winding two lane road

To the left and to the right

In front and far behind

Are mountains covered in dark green pines 

As though God reached down to blanket the land

With one giant hand

Gently, gently


The sun has set, the moon shines bright

High and round amid golden stars shooting

Reflecting upon smooth glasses of water streaming blue

Flowing, flowing

Doe and fawn, lapping coolness

Liquid spilling over cliffs falling

Barely dawn

Tis a new day

Of peaceful blessings


Ours and theirs

Of celebration

On Thanksgiving….






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