Sunday Lunch Invitation – Anniversary Celebration and a cover reveal.

Congratulations are in order for our dear friend Sally over at Smorgasbord-Variety is the spice of life…for many reasons. So many reasons to discover them! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch Invitation – Anniversary Celebration and a cover reveal.

    • Thank you Tegan, for every kind word. So many terrific books from you-Can’t wait to get all the way through. Possible? Much love together with Thanksgiving blessings to you. ❤️🙏🏻


  1. Oh wow Kim I just realized where I know your name from. I have that book Trick or Treating with Diabetes. I saw where you said you are an author of children’s books and I had a feeling I had read them. Or at least my daughter. How amazing! Interesting enough my girl Alex was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was 2 the day after Halloween in 1995. Yay for you! I love that! I love and admire your work! How awesome that you are here on WP.
    I also work in the publishing business professionally totally different field, magazine publishing. I noticed you changed your blog! I saw you on Paul’s blog and wondered if you had changed your blog! Here you are! Yay! I think sometimes WP, um….helps us lose followers that we love! So I’m so happy to find you again!
    😀 Happy Thanksgiving! 😀


    • Michelle: What a thrill to hear from you! My love to your family together with Alex. How old is she now? Jayson is 29 and the father of two little ones ages, three and one. So awesome that you work in magazine publishing. Fulfilling your passion, that’s what it’s all about! Please pass the word on about my new book, ‘Babies of Two’ now on Kindle but soon in print on before Christmas. Please tell all of your friends, Michelle. It is a beautiful book, probably my very best work ever! Stay in touch, Michelle. So happy to have reconnected to you. My love and happiness to sweet Alex. 🙂 Blessings of Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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      • Oh yay! Alex was so excited she said mom you meet a lot of interesting people from your blog! It’s true I do. I came to WordPress because of the name Word. I’ve always had a love for words and art. My Alex is 22. I love that you write about chronic conditions. How amazing are you! Very I think. I wanted you to know your book touched our life when she was so small. Alex’s doctor then was the leading pediatric endocrinologist in Oklahoma and he had your book in his office for patients to read. This is such a blessing to know this about you. I will spread the word about your new book. I’m excited for you. Blessings to you and you family! 😄

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      • It fills my heart to learn my very first work had a positive impact in Alex’s life all those years ago. Bless the two of of you. Thank you for your words, Michelle. Best Thanksgiving I could ever wish for. 🙏🏻❤️


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