Celebrating Mother

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Five years forever whispers in my ear.  Five…five….five…five.  Warm breaths with tender lips barely brushing cheeks.  Last kisses of inevitable goodbyes.

Life-time sentiments of love between a mother and daughter.  I remember gently climbing into her over-sized bed to fluff pillows of down.  Wanting to snuggle close.  Careful now. Fragility.  With every movement of the mattress her body cried out in pain.  An agony of my own if you will yet one I prayed to never know.

Clasping hands, hers was tiny.  Blue-white from lack of oxygen, but soft and smooth. The feeling of velvet with a faint hint of lavender lotion.  I held fingers to the rose-colored lamp under the tip of my nose to breathe in the scent of her, wanting to remember it always and forever.

Looking around the room, Mother reminded me of one of her treasured porcelain baby dolls protected behind doors of glass.  So infantile she was lying in a near fetal position in order to be comfortable.  If only I could do the same for her, much like her beloved cabinet full of heart, http://wp.me/p41md8-14b.

Still, we were awarded brief moments of heartfelt joy.  Memories of thankfulness never to be replaced.   Mother’s head resting upon my shoulder while movies of color played before our eyes of four.  Laughter.  Sharing cookies and cocoa.  Crumbs in the bed.  Warm, labored breaths upon my neck.  Closeness and bonding came full circle.  Sheets of cool cotton beneath chins of two.  Understanding. ComfortAcceptanceLovePeace.  We had it all during that those last few days before she was ready to go.

When lids opened from brief respite, it was a time for conversations in the shadows of the night.  Insignificant at first, we danced around the truth before the music stopped.  “Take care of Daddy…”  Near the end of my mother’s life this was her main concern.  She feared the love of her own would be left alone.  Squeezing her hand lightly, no more words were needed.  She had her answer then.  She rested.


It’s ironic that today, five years after my mother’s passing my husband and I are attending a neighborhood potluck of Thanksgiving.  Before realizing the date, I searched for a special recipe to cook, one that I knew my friends would enjoy.  Digging into mother’s mixed box of handwritten 3X5 cards, I finally discovered exactly what was meant to be.  Pulling the recipe from a clear plastic container, there was her familiar handwriting, scripted in wooden pencil.   Now faded, the yellowed index card is curled in the left hand corner where it’s nearly torn.  Splashed upon it are droplets of tomato sauce, dried from my mother’s days of cooking long ago.

I’m celebrating Mother today by sharing her recipe with all of you.  An unusual one perhaps, but delicious!

Wieners in Tomato Sauce (I think my mother simply made up a name)

1 lb. wieners

1 large can diced tomatoes

2 slices of chopped sweet onion

1 large chopped green pepper

½ c sugar

Dash of salt & pepper

Bring all of the above to boil-then turn down flame & thicken with 2 T mixed flour & water.  Simmer approximately two hours, covered. *Serves 4-6

**I tend to cook in larger quantities, doubling or tripling the recipe (except for the sugar) and putting it in my crock pot to cook the whole day through.



13 thoughts on “Celebrating Mother

  1. What lovely memories with your mother. I agree, cooking one of her recipes is a wonderful way to celebrate and remember. My mother made her transition 6 yrs ago and my father 5 yrs ago. I remember how precious those last days were.

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    • I placed the over sized crock pot on the counter among all of the dishes last night and it was the first to be emptied! My mother must have been smiling from above. I remember reading about your father’s tools, Dan, and being so touched by your memories of him using them. Special to have something tangible left by them..to hold in our hands knowing they did the same. Blessed Thanksgiving week to you, Dan.

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  2. Fond memories these really are, Kim, virtually served here with one of your late mother’s favourite recipes. I have forwarded the recipe to my wife to try it out asap. The only variance is that it will be with soya chunks instead of wiener as I am a complete vegetarian since last eleven years, and happy with it….best wishes.

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    • Oooh, please let me know how it turns out, Raj? Yesterday, I substituted brown sugar for white, and it was delicious. FYI: Had leftovers today and they tasted even better! 🙂 Thank you for your kindness, Raj.

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  3. Such a touching and heartfelt post Kim. It’s always beautiful to hear about wonderful relationships between mothers and daughters. And how serendipitous that you came across the recipe at this time. (PS my new Windows 10 laptop won’t let me ‘like’ pages. More techy agro to deal with. 🙂 xo

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    • Thank you kindly, D.G. I’m about to go on the road with a new laptop (Widows 10). Sure to be lost for the next week-Lol!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours with splendid blessings.


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